Kanye says that Sony / ATV will not let him buy his publications although he could

adminOctober 14, 2018

The break in the social networks of Kanye West has officially ended.

Exactly a week after he deactivated his Twitter and Instagram accounts, the controversial rapper returned to the previous platform with a 10 minute video on mind control. Kanye, who is currently in Uganda recording new music, talked about being "programmed" and the ways in which the world tries to contain it. For example, Ye said he could not buy his Sony / ATV publication, which bought the rights for 2.3 billion dollars earlier this year from EMI.

"I went to buy my publications at Sony / ATV, and they told me it was $ 8 million, $ 9 million," he said in the video. "And I went to buy it, they said no, I could not buy my publication. […] I have the money to buy my publication and they told me that I could not buy my publication. It's like control, like, I can not say what I want to say about SNL. "

Kanye went on to specifically address Jon Platt, the musical executive who will soon replace the Sony / ATV CEO, Martin Bandier.

"[…] I have the money. So, great Jon, Marty, whoever is involved, I need my publication. I got the money, "Kanye said. I'm not going to say the word S. I'm not a prince. I do not need to write it on my face. "

The "S-word" to which you referred was "slave", which Prince wrote on his face after stating that he was imprisoned for his Warner Bros. contract.

Kanye also squeezed some self-aggrandizing statements about his intelligence and popularity. He stated that he had "Mensa-level IQ" scores that placed him in the same category as Sigmund Freud. Yes, the man who once called slavery "an election" is convinced that he is as intelligent as the most influential neurologist in history.

You also said that he was not worried about the reaction he received on social media, since it was nothing but lies.

"You all already saw that it was a lie, social media told you that Hillary was going to win and that she did not win," he said. "Social media told you that people did not like it, but everyone loves me, everybody loves you, but if you read social media, it makes you think something different, it depresses your minds, opens your heart, let the spirit guide you. " Your. Let your conscience be free. We are free. We are free, brother. "

He continued: "Only positive energy, I'm saying this, I'm in Africa recording, we just take them to the future with the dome, the music is the best on the planet, I'm the best living recording artist, we, rather, because the spirits flow to Through me, the spirit of Fela, the spirit of Marley, the spirit of Pac flows through me, we know who is the best.

Watch the full Kanye video below.

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