Kanye and Kim Meme trick people into registering to vote

adminOctober 18, 2018


It is worth noting that Elle He has aggressively increased his political coverage over the past year and regularly tweets about political issues. The magazine recently highlighted 10 women who could make history this November; his coverage of the partial exams has been extensive, and the publication has written several guides on how to get involved in politics this season. "Women currently represent 20 percent of Congress, and that will not magically jump 50 percent in a year, but voting, and voting for more women in office, brings us much closer to gender parity," reads in a recent article on electoral participation. (Elle did not respond to a request for comment.)

The idea behind the tweet itself is not new. People have tried hard news with readers of spoon feeding by attracting them with cliqueable titles before. In 2014, Gawker published a heart-rending photo essay with images of hungry children in North Korea under the headline, "10 absolutely incredible images of Dennis Rodman Vice– Sponsored trip to North Korea. "

The format of Elle 'The tweet itself is also based on a meme that has spread rapidly during the past week. It began last weekend, when the educator. Tim Cigelske, inspired by a previous tweet by the civil rights activist Ashlee Marie Preston, posted the phrase clickbaity "I can not believe that this is the reason why Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson separated", with a link to Vote.org.

Cigelske's tweet amassed 45,000 retweets and was shared by Ashton Kutcher, Colin Hanks and James Corden. The meme spread quickly after that and quickly became a trope.

However, many people who see news on social networks share it blindly, without first reading the content of the article. This behavior has become so common that it was even parodied by NPR in a trick of April Fools Day in 2014. And in the following minutes Elle 'The tweet was published, at least two people on my own Twitter account retweeted the seemingly last-minute news seriously.

The option of using Kim and Kanye as scapegoats for this trick may feel bad (although many others before Elle I used the duo for this exact meme.), considering how politically charged the relationship of the couple has become. Kanye is a supporter of Trump and met with the president this month. Kim said she supported Clinton during the 2016 election and there have been repeated unsupported speculations that the policy has caused a break in her marriage. Because I can not Elle and others simply tweet "Look what this adorable puppy is doing"? A colleague of mine suggested.

In any case, the meme has apparently resulted in at least some people registering to vote or update their information. "Ty, I had not updated my address, ID has been screwed in" a user tweeted in response to Cigelske. In a median post that reflects on his viral moment, Cigelske called his tweet "Commentary on our culture obsessed with celebrities." Clickbait for good ".


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