Justin & Hailey Bieber: Wedding Canceled!

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Bad mood at Justin & Hailey

What has just fueled him is currently those who have seen the latest paparazzi video of pop star Justin Bieber. Seeing it: Biebs leaves his car, closes the door behind him and almost hits Hailey's head. Huh? The music was here obviously very bad mood.

Without turning around or apologizing to his loved ones, the bad Justin goes into a cafe. Head down, the model hurries after her husband … And then rumors rumor that "sorry" interpreter and catwalk beauty has postponed their planned dream wedding. What happened there?

Church dream wedding suspended

Although the two are already officially on the paper husband, they will now have love in front of their families and friends seal with church weddingBut the wedding seems to have been far away. An insider reveals the opposite "E! News":

They have a wedding planner and they hoped to find an appointment in January. You can't wait to celebrate with family and friends and have a great party. But now it is January, and they are still busy with details and planning.

The lovebirds agree that they don't want to hurry the wedding. Well, there are brand new sounds, after all, the two surprised with her hasty engagement and subsequent wedding all …

They do not want to hurry things and they will make sure that it is exactly what they want it to be. You have considered different ideashow to do it and they swing back and forth. They have met with the pastor several times to discuss the religious ceremony and to find out exactly what they want.

Now it's time to see if Justin and Hailey will soon surprise their fans with a ecclesiastical dream break …

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