Justin Bieber, photographed earlier this month, is dealing with a burrito-eating scandal. (Photo: Theo Wargo, Getty Images)

One thing is clear Justin Bieber, this is not a way to eat a burrito.

The singer of "Sorry" has been consumed in the scandal of eating burritos after the photos appeared in Reddit of the star that ate the delicacy of the tortilla in the center. As if I was eating corn on the cob. Or playing the harmonica.

So wrong

It was not just label experts.

"Look at it, eat a burrito like you've never seen food before," stuttered Vanity Fair.

"Is Justin Bieber making this Burrito WTF?" cried E! News.

The team of Vice Presidents had a reporter eat a burrito on the side, which led to a totally unsatisfactory meal and some scathing comments.

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Beyond the mystery of what he is doing to food, some have pointed out that it might not be Bieber, even if the sweatshirt and hat have been seen in the past.

Vanity Fair contacted Conor, the Reddit user who originally posted the photo, who insisted he took it about a week ago in West Hollywood Park, near where Bieber rents. Conor said he was "dating" friends when they saw the singer.

Conor did not mention if Bieber, labeled as a burrito desecrator, finished his meal.

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