Justin Bieber shaves in his hairy blonde

adminOctober 31, 2018

Justin Bieber
Justin has just shown a new 'do (Instagram / Justin Bieber)

He has been growing a pretty "interesting" hair over the last year.

But surprise, Justin Bieber now has absolutely no hair after shaving the entire lot.

Justin unveiled a new buzzcut on Instagram on Tuesday night, while speaking well to his hairy blonde.

Now, a mature and married adult, the old star boy decided to refresh his image, which had become a bit ungovernable thanks to his neglected tresses.

Justin is now a married and mature man, so the blonde hairstyle had to disappear (Photo by Neil Mockford / GC Images)

Things got so complicated that the singer was easily confused with what can only be described as a "crazy man" who eats a burrito improperly on a park bench this week.

In fact, Bieber's likeness, Brad Sousa, easily mimicked Justin's hat and the look of wild hair to create the image of a joke.

But the joke is on Sousa now that he will have to shave all his hair to continue Bieber's business.

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Justin's new haircut comes two months after she decided to fix the mop with a visit to the barbers, accompanied by then-engaged Hailey Baldwin.

The Baby hitmaker is the original icon of flexible hair, after provoking a generation of fringed hairstyles for young men when it arrived on the scene in 2010.

Justin Bieber is effectively the Canadian David Beckham of hair trends, so look for a lot of festive buzzcuts.

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