Justin Bieber responds to Aaron Carter by saying he paved the way

adminNovember 22, 2018

Aaron Carter feels he has not received the respect he deserves in the music industry.

On Thursday, Carter, 30, took a break from promoting his latest album. Love, to call the generation of artists today for not paying homage.

"Listen man." I can not sit here and just say nothing. I was born in this industry before he was born, "Carter wrote on Twitter in response to a fan questioning why Carter" never reached the level of success. "Justin Bieber.

"I've had harder times and I've always recovered, no, I'm not Justin Bieber, I'm Aaron Carter, I'm also under construction," Carter continued. "I prepared the way, these children have NEVER paid homage to me."

Bieber, 24, later responded to Carter's tweet by talking about the artist and offering his support.

"Aaron Carter I had your album when I was little. And it hit Aaron's song party. I was about 7 years old. If you need an exaggeration, I have you ", wrote the singer" Sorry ".

"All love here, Aaron, you have my support," Bieber added.

Carter quickly accepted Bieber's offer: "I appreciate your support, it means a lot, nothing but brother love."

the singer of "Aaron & # 39; s Party" also wrote: "No, brother, everything is fine, there is no need for exaggeration, people approach me sideways and I am doing the best I can. a big supporter of you since its inception.I also lined up to see your man from the movie.It's all LøVë ps your insipired music [sic] my new things So that's where it is. "

Soon after, Carter revealed all he appreciated before Thanksgiving.

"At the grocery store, preparing for thanksgiving with my love in my first home, with their parents and grandparents receiving our first thanksgiving. A lot to be grateful for. Everyone has a beautiful vacation ", Carter tweeted.

Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter

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In September, seven months after telling PEOPLE that she was taking a break from dating, Carter revealed that she had a new girlfriend, the Los Angeles-based artist, Lina Valentina.

"Nobody has understood me and has shown the love that this woman has for me NEVER," he wrote in a post on Instagram. "You have my heart for the rest of my life, our relationship is new but we grow. [sic] old people together and we have our family and we will appreciate the respect and we will be the man that I always wanted to be because you have shown me that you are the woman I have always dreamed of ".

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