It was too fun to be true.

The famous observers went crazy last Thursday when a photo emerged on Reddit, who seemed to show Justin Bieber, dressed in a pink hooded sweatshirt, sitting on a park bench, spreading a burrito the wrong way. As in the middle, as if he were eating an ear of corn.

"Look at it, eat a burrito like I've never seen food before," said Vanity Fair.

"Here is Justin Bieber eating a burrito like a demon could eat a small child," Jezebel summed up.

Many news sites question (including USA TODAY), scrutinizing his hair (too blond) and his eyebrows (very well arranged), but still had a field day mocking the singer's eating strategy. "Sorry"

Unfortunately, the truth was revealed in a detailed debunking video, titled "We cheated on the Internet with the fake photo of Justin Bieber's Burrito", published on Sunday by a group called Yes Theory, which claimed the elaborate joke.

YouTube scammers recruited fellow Canadian Bieber Brad Sousa to commit the crime against food.

In an Instagram video, Scooter Braun, Bieber's manager, took charge of driving the pranksters away (briefly) pretending he thought the image was real.

"Many people hit me and they said, 'Why is your son eating a burrito like this?'" Says Braun. In a matter of seconds, he says, the group manager called him to confirm it.

Watch the video to know the details about how they falsified the Internet.

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