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adminOctober 31, 2018

A freshly shaved Justin Bieber was seen in Orlando, and we have learned EXCLUSIVELY that he lovingly supported his new wife, Hailey Baldwin, when he began filming the next season of "Drop The Mic".

The honeymoon period is still strong for Justin Bieber, 24, and Hailey Baldwin, 21. These newlyweds are in such joy that they are practically inseparable. Even when Hailey had to go to work on his famous rap battle program, Drop the microphoneJustin could not stand being separated. "Hailey had to go to Universal Orlando to film

The[[Drop the microphone]", Says one of Justin's friends EXCLUSIVELY Hollywoodlife.com"And he decided to go with her, simply because he loves being with her, he is very proud of her, he loves to see her shine."

It seems that Justin could not let a moment pass to see Hailey in his element. He was not the only one who joined her for these impromptu vacations in the State of the Sun. "Before going to Florida to record her show," says the source. Hollywoodlife.com, "they went to Canada for the weekend to spend time with their family." From there, they all went with the whole family to Orlando to have fun together.To have all the members of the family was quite spontaneous, but it's how Justin lives, I knew kids would love to go to the amusement parks, so he took them all. "Justin, with his new shaved head, was seen walking through Walt Disney World, observing the views while Hailey I worked hard.

It seems that at this moment, Justin's priority is Hailey Baldwin, and nothing else. Saying "I do it" to her has changed Biebs in an important way, to the point that she is reportedly putting her musical career on hold only so that she can spend more time with her. Hailey, on the other hand, "seems more willing to work than he", and has a lot on his plate, professionally. Of course, Justin has a value of over $ 200 million, for Capital FM, so he can pay for the Bieber Family vacation in Florida.

While it seems that Justin is having fun and is going crazy, he is actually taking his marriage with Hailey "very seriously", said a source EXCLUSIVELY Hollywoodlife.com. Justin has made Hailey his number one priority, and by the time he returns to work, all his time will be devoted to acting, touring, promoting and other things. Instead of making her marriage fall by the wayside, the informant says that Justin is "doing everything possible to make sure their relationship stays balanced and healthy." If that means taking a break from being Justin Bieber and, instead, being Mr. Hailey Baldwin, so be it. So it seems, Justin is more than happy to cheer on Hailey as he takes his turn in the limelight.

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