Justin Bieber is messed with a Nickelodeon actress and goes wrong

adminDecember 31, 2018

Maybe what Justin Bieber Lets be a joke, but the shot has come out of the ass. The singer, who has taken a break in her musical career, commented on a picture of Instagram of Jojo Siwa, star off Nickelodeon, without knowing that with his words he would release a war on networks. The comment he left on car They had given him not only Jojo or his fans, but even the child's mother wanted to answer Justin with a full-fledged zasca.

Jojo Siwa published a photo on Instagram that appeared next to the Christmas gift that West Coast Customs had sent him: a car with its stamped face and multicolored decorations on the body.

The girl published the picture without knowing that it would get Justin Bieber's attention to the point that he would leave the following comment: "Burn it." Apparently, the artist did not like the personal vehicle Jojo Siwa had received, and did not hesitate to express his opinion without believing he could offend her.

The actor, 15, far from feeling bad, reacted to Justin Bieber in an unthinkable way. The young woman got a real size carton of the singer, climbed into the passenger seat of the car and sent the picture on Instagram with the following text: "Burn it."

After seeing this answer, Justin Bieber realized that his comment could have offended Jojo Siwa and wanted to make it public. He made it through his Twitter account by posting a message that reads: "Jojo Siwa, I have nothing against you, it's the car and the colors I didn't like. I really hope you didn't think it was malicious or with bad intentions . "

Who soon answered these excuses to Justin Bieber was the mother of Jojo Siwa, who went straight to the point: "Burn your own stuff." Will they still be angry?

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