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"Jungle Camp" 2019 at RTL: Ex-campers Jürgen Milski unpacks: "In the evening we were allowed to go home to sleep!"

Jürgen Milski was also in the jungle ring.

Jürgen Milski was also in the jungle ring.

Photo: RTL

What ???? It can't be true. On Instagram, exJungle Camp-Teilnehmer Jürgen Milski Published a text that is difficult on credibility Jungle Camps raises doubts.

Or not?

So posted Jürgen Milski a picture of the photo magazine. On the title page headline: "So unpleasantly manipulated RTL in the jungle.

Jungle Camp 2019: Jürgen Milski's billing in the wording

Milski writes: "So … now I'll unpack, as it was at that time Jungle Camp expired !!

We .. it is Thorsten Legat, Menderes, Jenny Elvers, Brigitte Nielsen and all the others do not flee to Australia then … we went to Phantasialand ..!

where RTL had set up a camp !! In the evening we were allowed to sleep always at home! Morning service 6 clock!

In the jungle phone there was a hidden door … if you went through it came to a counter where you could order wine and beer as much as you wanted!

If you went a door further, you came directly to LIDL .. that you could buy hair shampoo, deodorant or hair gel!

For hollow arias to come over, tear gas was used (with me it only worked once).


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There was always plenty of food .. Wiener schnitzel, cheese spaetzle and delicious Kaiserschmarrn! Our weight loss (Thorsten Legat 10, me 9 kilos) after Jungle Camp are attributed to liposuctions that return immediately after leaving Jungle Camps took place. How it works Jungle Camp at RTL !! "

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Jungle Camp: Of course, just a joke

Of course, just a joke. With the funny post Jürgen Mislki wanted Jungle CampThe make-up series makes fun of the picture. Quiet also: Phantasialand has even reported to the post. Write: "Wait a minute. So no one has called" Get me out of here! "

Jungle Camp: This is the jungle kings so far

  • 2004 (January): Costa Cordalis
  • 2004 (October): Désriée Nick
  • 2008: Ross Anthony
  • 2009: Ingrid van Bergen
  • 2011: Pear Kiss kiss
  • 2012: Brigitte Nielsen
  • 2013: Joey Heindle
  • 2014: Melanie Müller
  • 2015: Maren Gilzer
  • 2016: Menderes Bagci
  • 2017: Marc Terenzi
  • 2018: Jenny Frankhauser

Milksi participated in the tenth season of the Jungle Camp in 2016. He finished fifth. The winner of the season was DSDS permanent participant Mederes Bagci.

For Milski, the time in front of the camera in the jungle had been something special. Cologne was through his Participation in the RTL 2 show "Big Brother" famous.

it Jungle Camp 2019 starts Friday 10th. January, at 8.15

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