Jungle Camp 2019: Who is there? These are the new candidates

adminDecember 27, 2018

Jungle Camp 2019: Who is there? These are all candidates for the 13th season in January. RTL has already announced the start date.

A few weeks before the start of the jungle ring 2019 (starting Friday, January 11), it is clear who will participate in the 13th season of "I'm a star – get me out of here!". In recent weeks and months, people have speculated wildly about who may be among the candidates. Now the question has probably been clarified.

it pictureAvis (and, as everyone knows, is particularly well informed about RTL shows), the final list of candidates for the 2019 Jungle Camp will be available. Thus, there are 12 candidates and a replacement candidate. Hence, it can be assumed that RTL has more than one replacement candidate in the hindquarters.

From pictureAvis faces the names of the candidate list for jungleir 2019, RTL does not want to comment. What the station always does before the official performance in January. Even the candidates whose names were on the list wanted to meet picture either did not comment on the topic – or left the newspaper's request unanswered. The picture emphasizes: "No request was refused, however."

incidentally: The latest news before the start of season 13 of "I'm a star – get me out of here!" Is in News Ticker for 2019 Jungle Camp.

Jungle Camp 2019: These are all celebrity candidates

Bastian Yotta

Champion Millionaire, "Adam Seeks Eve", "The Yottas! Full Gas Through America"

Tommy Piper

Speaker of "Alf", voice actor, singer, actor

Chris Töpperwien

"Currywurst King" in the Vox broadcast "Goodbye Deutschland! Emigrants"

Domenico de Cicco

Reality TV candidate ("Bachelor in Paradise", "Bachelorette")

Evelyn Burdecki

Reality TV candidate ("Bachelor in Paradise", "Celebrity Big Brother", "Bachelor")

Gisele Oppermann

"Howling candidate" on "Germany's next top model"

Sibyl smoke

Actress and erotic star ("Ice on style", porn movies)

Doreen Dietel

Actress ("Girl, Girl 2", "Dahoam's Dahoam")


Bob Olympic Champion (2006 gold in Torino)

Felix van Deventer

Actor (GZSZ)

Peter Orloff


Leila Lowfire

Breast miracle and sex expert

Tobias Wegener (replacement for Bastian Yotta)

Reality TV competitor ("Love Island")

Jungle Camp 2019 (RTL): The new star candidate

Jungle Camp 2019: You were considered potential candidates – but are not there

  • Günther Krause (fell for the mandatory medical test for the jungle)
  • Participation in Jungle Camp 2020 postponed: Daniela Büchner
  • Annemarie Eilfeld
  • Emilia Mihailova
  • Innovation in jungleiren 2019 (RTL): The winner also receives 100,000 euros as well

    "This time it's not just about honor and jungle crown," RTL announces in a preview clip to the jungle ring 2019. Moderator Daniel Hartwich explains: "For the first time in a row, the winner – for Jungle King – is worth 100,000 euros."

    One can assume that even a winner – it is a jungle queen – will receive the 100,000 euro prize money. Imagine: The prize bonus is in addition to the individually negotiated Gage. This should be an incentive for the candidates to make an end to the show. There were also candidates in the past – like soccer world champion Thomas Häßler – who apparently had no desire for the show and consequently gave no alarm. As you know, the participants receive the full amount of the fee if they do not leave the camp voluntarily. It was therefore many who lasted longer than he really wanted.

    Jungle Camp 2019 at RTL: dates for start and end

    Now all the jungle camp fans can be happy again. The dates of the start and end of the new seasons are resolved!

    • The 13th season of "I'm a Star – Get Me Out of Here!" Launches Friday 11th. January 2019 at. 21.15 at RTL.
    • The final of the jungle ring 2019 takes place on Friday 26th. January 2019. It starts at 21.15.

    Now RTL has officially announced the dates. Consequently, the jungle ring 2019 will run from January 11 to 26.

    It is still a few weeks before the start of the jungle ring 2019. In January alone, F-to-Z celebrities return to the Australian bush. But already in the media are the names of the candidates who have entered into a contract with RTL.

    it pictureNewspaper and magazine Closer exclusively announce the first jungle camp participants during the title Jungle King or Jungle Queen. it pictureThe newspaper is known to be notoriously well-informed about RTL shows, so the announcement to the nominees calling on tabloid is unofficial.

    Jungle Camp 2019: Leila Lowfire is a candidate

    Leila Lowfire was once the girlfriend of the Rammstein singer Till Lindemann and is a candidate in the jungle ring in 2019.

    © image alliance / Jens Kalaene / / Jens Kalaene

    Well, it fits the jungle! Leila Lowfire (25) will draw after image information in the jungle ring in 2019. If you ask yourself, "Who is it?" Busenwunder works as a sex expert. An eye-catching is her with her violent bust in any case! And talk about sex in the jungle camp, the audience (and RTL) would like to hear.

    Leila Lowfire runs a sex podcast ("Better Than Sex") with her friend Ines Anioli. Oh well: Sometimes she was a friend of Rammstein's singer to Lindemann in the headlines. He would of course be a mega-candidate for the jungle. Lindemann does not need participation in the show yet.

    Video: Leila Lowfire is one of the hottest candidates in the camp?

    During the profile leilalowfire you will find jungle camp candidate Leila Lowfire on Instagram.

    Jungle Camp 2019: Currywurst King Chris Töpperwien is there

    If there was a checklist for potential jungle camp candidates – Chris Töpperwien would probably meet all the points:

    • Reality TV Reality Experience? Check!
    • Extraordinary look and self-expression inclination? Check!
    • Don't shit in front of the camera? Check!

    Chris Töpperwien was known as "Currywurst König" in the Vox show "Goodbye Deutschland! Emigrants" known. The program documented how he built his Currywurst business in the United States. The now 44-year-old immigrated to the United States in 2011 to Los Angeles and wanted to fulfill his American dream with a currywurst truck. He has since become known as "Currywurst Man". In addition, he was in 2016 with his wife Magey Kalley (he now lives separated from her) in the RTL show "The Summer House of Stars – Battle of the Celebrity Couple" to see. The couple took third place.

    The decision to enter the jungle is no longer surprising in the television experience. In addition, he was already among others taff. Eventyrliv and watch the Sat.1's breakfast TV.

    Like that pictureAvis, Chris Töpperwien is said to have shot footage for the jungle camp 2019 on Tuesday, December 4. And on this occasion he is said to have been discovered in front of a hotel in Cologne. At the request of the tabloid newspaper, Töpperwien did not want to confirm the entrance to the jungle ring 2019 – but did not deny either.

    "Currywurst King" Chris Töpperwien will move to the jungle ring in 2019.

    © RTL / Stefan Menne

    During the profile currywurstmann_official you will find jungle camp candidate Chris Töpperwien on Instagram.

    Jungle Camp 2019: Bob Olympic Champion Sandra Kiriasis Included?

    Professional athlete in the jungle ring? We have already had more often. Among others, the former kicker Thomas Hässler, Thorsten Legat or Ansgar Brinkmann. And in what sport would you rate Sandra Kiriasis?

    Resolution: Sandra Kiriasis – birth name Sandra Prokoff – won the gold medal in bobsleigh at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin and also won seven world championship titles. The 43 year old was to be loud picture Also be a candidate at jungleir 2019.

    TV viewers can also know her from the ProSieben show "Wok-WM" with Stefan Raab. As a team member, she won two gold and silver medals in the show.

    Sandra Kiriasis would also train the Jamaican women's bobsleigh team for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. But shortly before the sports event, she was fired – culminating in a public dispute. But with these drama qualities, she is probably an ideal candidate for the jungle ring 2018.

    Kiriasis is said to have been signed by RTL as a replacement candidate, because Danni Büchner is now probably only going to jungle in 2020.

    Bob Olympic Champion Sandra Kiriasis will be a candidate in the jungle camp 2018.

    © picture alliance / dpa / Tobias Hase

    Under the profile
    sandrakiriasis Find jungle camp candidate Sandra Kiriasis on Instagram.

    Jungle Camp 2019: Does a "Dahoam Dahoam" star travel to Australia?

    Has a former "Dahoam dahoam" star moving to the jungle? Looks like this: According to picture Actress Doreen Dietel is one of the candidates for the RTL show. She recently fulfilled the dream of owning a cafe in Dürnbach near Gmund am Tegernsee. The cake of "Dürnbecker" bakes Dietel's new love Michael Herrmann.

    Will he and her four-year-old son Marlow follow the mother of Australian Outback? "I do not comment on that," said Doreen Dietel at the request of Merkur.de *. Which is understandable. After all, the RTL contracts commit the participants to secrecy.

    For ten years (from 2007 to 2017), Doreen Dietel played the role of Trixi Preissinger in the Bavarian daily soap "Dahoam is Dahoam". In addition, the actor was seen in a number of television productions: For example, in "intimate zone in-laws family", "Fjellpresten" or "Utta Danella – Moon in the sea".

    In 2007, Doreen Dietel moved to the June issue of the men's magazine playboy out. The cover image, which shows her naked with a snake, can almost be seen as an application picture for the jungle. At that time noted playboy: "This woman loves it dangerous." It's perfect for jungle trials in Australia. Before the start of the RTL Jungle Camp, a traditional candidate draws for a traditional sports tournament each year playboy out. It was Giluiana Farfalla in 2018. In 2016, Jenny Elver's covers at the age of 44 years. Thus, we see the 44-year-old Doreen Dietel possibly again in 2019 in the men's magazine.

    Doreen Dietel will be a candidate in the jungle ring 2019 ..

    © picture alliance / dpa / Ursula Düren

    Under the profile doreen_dietel You can find jungle camp competitor Doreen Dietel on Instagram.

    Jungle Camp 2019: Bastian Yotta could be there

    Can he even move into the jungle ring 2019? According to a media report, Bastian Yotta was arrested in Frankfurt airport for tax evasion. (Link to tz.de *) But: After a day he came back on bail – loud picture should have been deposited by RTL. The station is said to have made a feature film for the jungle ring with Bastian Yotta. Apparently, RTL's participation in the 13th season of "I'm a star – get me out of here!" Quite possible. As the broadcaster reports, the judge should also have approved Yotta's retirement for his adopted American home. There he would theoretically be deprived of access to German Justiu. Apparently, it is unlikely in court circles that Bastian Yotta will not cooperate with the authorities.

    He would definitely fit perfectly into the jungle ring: Bastian Yotta (43) – actually called Bastian Gillmeier and coming from Landshut – is the ideal man for any trash TV format. The muscle-bound protz millionaire lives (at least according to his own data) in Hollywood and has, in the past year, already done with "Adam in search of Eve" a feeling. Among other things, with an erection that made another candidate scream. A scene that Bastian Yotta commented on with a shrug.

    Video: Why was Bastian Yotta arrested in the airport?

    At the end of the performance, Bastian Yotta and Natalia Osada became a couple – but only for a short while. Meanwhile, he should be back in solid hands. Previously, he had a relationship with Maria Hering, who at times had the name Maria Yotta and RTL spectators as a former American DSDS participant could be known.

    In 2016, the ProSieben show "The Yottas! Full Gas Through America" ​​- The Documentary Soap was the culmination of Bastian Yotta's impudence. With Lamborghini, luxury villa and expensive clothes he was arranged with his then partner Maria Yotta. The Protz couple documented their exclusive lifestyle on Instagram and Facebook. Bastian Yotta is known to be a heavyweight ego-actor. And most likely, the jungle artisans were hired as a candidate for that reason.

    Is Bastian Yotta going to the Jungle Camp in 2019?

    © MG RTL D

    Under the profile yotta_coaching Find jungle camp candidate Bastian Yotta on Instagram.

    Tobias Wegener in the jungle camp 2019? He should be a replacement candidate for Bastian Yotta

    In the event, RTL probably already has a replacement candidate in the back quarters: High picture Tobias Wegener (25) should enter if Bastian Yotta is not allowed to move to jungle camp 2019.

    His physics is similar to Bastian Yotta. He was also seen on a TV show show: Tobias Wegener was known for the second season of the RTL2 program "Love Iceland". Natascha Beil and Tobias Wegener were one of the couples who joined the show. However, the relationship was history only a few weeks after the end of the program.

    Tobias Wegener will be a replacement candidate for the jungle ring 2019.

    © RTL2 / Magdalena Possert

    During the profile fit_tobi93 you will find Deschungelcamp replacement candidate Tobias Wegener on Instagram.

    Jungle Camp 2019: The voice of "Alf" moves into the Australian bush

    Like the next one picture reports, also Tommi Piper (77), the German voice of shaggy Alfs, 2019 in the jungle. How things change: In 2016 he had compared to tz still stressed that he had rejected offers of the jungle because: "I will not make me monkey."

    Almost everyone knows his voice: Alf, the stranger who made the television viewers laugh in the 1980s. The actor Tommi Piper called the dear alien for three years. "Finally, the role was even harmful to me because I couldn't do normal things afterwards," he once said in an interview. Because Alf was a clothing character – and about film and television, people had forgotten that he was an experienced actor and voice actor.

    In addition, Tommi Piper was cast for actors such as Nick Nolte (77), Harvey Fierstein (63) and Andrew Dice (60). He also played in many films. "For three years I haven't had a single day of shooting," Piper said in June 2018 tz, As he told tabloid, he would also synonymous with the streaming service Netflix, Tony Danza (67), called "The Good Cop". But his voice was found too old to sync Tony Danza. Perhaps the money was the deciding factor for participation in the jungle ring 2019 (Link to * tz.de).

    He was Alfen's German voice: Tommi Piper retires to jungle ring 2019?

    © picture alliance / dpa / Stephan Jansen

    On Instagram, jungle camp candidate Tommi Piper is not represented.

    Gisele Oppermann will also move to the jungle camp in 2019

    And again a former GNTM candidate who is moving to the jungle ring. In 2018, the transgender model was Giuliana Farfalla in Australia. Like that picture and Closer Gisele Oppermann (29) must be a candidate at jungleir 2019.

    If you don't remember Gisele anymore, 2008 got you talking to countless tears at GNTM. Whether it was the other candidates, the criticism of the jury or the living conditions: There was virtually nothing that did not make Gisele shelf. Eventually she reached at least sixth place. After her time at GNTM, the semi-Brazilian announced the intimate fragrance "Vulva Original". After all: Gisele could deliver in the jungle ring 2019 too much drama.

    Write to her jungle gage Closer: "For a smaller five-digit amount you should now have taken them back from the sink."

    Gisele Oppermann will move to jungleir 2019.

    © image alliance / dpa / Kay-Helge Hercher

    Under the profile of the giseleoppermann You can find jungle camp candidate Gisele Oppermann on Instagram.

    Sibylle Rauch: Candidate for jungle ring 2019

    Even the 80-erotic star Sibylle smoke is pulling as a candidate in the jungle ring in 2019. At least, it reports on RTL formats, notoriously well-informed pictureNewspaper.

    The 58-year-olds still know many from the 80s cult film series "Eis am Stiel". The former erotic actress is said to collect a six figure figure for her participation.

    Sibylle Rauch was seen in three parts (and in a spin-off) of "popsicles". From 1987, the native of Munich (actually: Erika Roswitha smoke) was seen in some hardcore movies. Her cocaine addiction and attempted suicide left her film career in the late 1990s, and stood still. In 2006, Rauch worked briefly for a brothel in Klagenfurt, Austria, in the following years she also worked as a conversation girl.

    Sibylle Rauch had already offered Jungle Camp 2013. "At that time, her health condition did not allow this," she says picture,

    Sibylle Rauch in 2005 (here with Dolly Buster, in an erotic video store in Munich).

    © dpa / dpaweb / A3608 Oliver Weiken

    By the end of 2017, Smoke acquainted pictureSibylle Rauch had met her new love Alex at the lowest point in her life ("I was desperate, almost toothless and homeless"). By the end of 2016, Sibylle Rauch had met her new love Alex. "He is my great love – my buzzibar. He got me out of it, paid me new teeth and chest."

    A few months ago, the actress reported picturethat she has her life back under control: "I do a lot of sports now, I go twice a week and do gymnastics." Finally, she was in shape, said Sibylle Rauch: "I have my dream readings back: 93-60-90. Through sports and healthy nutrition I have gained in muscle and weight. Instead of 46, I weigh 55 kilos now."

    Did she already know about jungle ring 2019? Sibylle Rauch is not the first former erotic star on "I am a star – get me out of here!" Dolly Buster, Michaela Schaffrath (aka Gina Wild) and Melanie Müller also performed in adult movies before performing in the jungle,

    On Instagram, jungle camp candidate Sybille Rauch is not represented.

    Domenico de Cicco: Bachelor's degree in jungle ring 2019

    Next reported pictureThat Domenico de Cicco (35) should also be known as a candidate. He was just a few months ago in the RTL show "Bachelor in Paradise" to see. RTL commented on this jungle camp report as usual: "We do not participate in speculation on the program." Just before leaving for Australia in January, Cologne gives the station candidates in the current season of "I'm a Star – Get Me Out of Here!" Officially known.

    Domenicio de Cicco should also move to jungleir 2019.

    © RTL / Arya Shirazi

    In the coup show he and Evelyn Burdecki became a couple. A few weeks after the final Evelyn Domenico gave – through the RTL pass. The reason: She had learned that another woman was expecting a child from Domenico and accused him of cheating on her.

    Domenico does not deny paternity, but stressed that she did not betray Evelyn. Yet, to date, there has been no reconciliation of the two. And now guess what, who will move into the jungle ring 2019 … Attention: drum roll!

    Under the profile domenico_decicco_official Find jungle camp candidate Domenico de Cicco on Instagram.

    Evelyn Burdecki will be a candidate at jungleir 2019

    Like that picture reported, "Bachelor" candidate Evelyn Burdecki (30) to pull the jungle camp in 2019 – which, however, already the magazine Closer had revealed. Evelyn Burdecki could meet her ex Domenico De Cicco in the jungle ring. Their relationship had come to a tragic end when De Cicco suddenly became a father. Not from Evelyn. Lots of conversation for long nights around the campfire.

    A reunification of two separate candidates has never been in the history of the RTL show. Do we experience bitter accusations, insults and tears? Or is the jungle ring the broad reconciliation between Evelyn and Domenico? The show producers can really be congratulated on this commitment.

    Where do you know Evelyn Burdecki? Actually only from reality TV formats. She was already a candidate for "The Bachelor", "Celebrity Big Brother" and – as already mentioned – at "Bachelor in Paradise".

    To her fee writes Closer: "For participation in the jungle ring, she can count on at least 30,000 euros.

    Evelyn Burdecki will be a candidate at jungleir 2019.

    © MG RTL D / Arya Shirazi

    Under the evelyn_burdecki profile Find jungle camp competitor Evelyn Burdecki on Instagram.

    Jungle camp 2019: Peter Orloff should be a candidate

    After information from pictureAvis is pulling pop singer Peter Orloff (74) as a candidate in the jungle ring in 2019. More specifically, Orloff is a replacement candidate for former Federal Minister Günther Krause, who for health reasons cannot attend the show (see below).

    Thus, Orloff is again a candidate from chartsGeneration for the jungle. Recently Schlager singer Tina York was on "Ich bin ein Star – get me out of here!". Previously, hits such as the Costa Cordalis and Bata Ilic could be seen in the jungle ring. Cordalis took the title after all. With Tina York, it was enough (against her declared will) for third place. Thus, Peter Orloff could get quite far.

    Peter Orloff is a candidate at jungleir 2019.

    © picture alliance / dpa / Tobias Hase

    His greatest success as pop singer Peter Orloff had in the 70's. As a composer and producer he worked with famous artists such as Julio Iglesias, Freddy Quinn, Bernd Clüver and Peter Maffay.

    Peter Orloff, who comes from a Russian family, has produced the original Black Sea Cossack choir for many years and performs in churches.

    On Instagram, jungle camp candidate Peter Orloff is not represented.

    Jungle clay 2019: GZSZ star Felix van Deventer is a candidate

    And here he is the soap star of jungleiren 2019: Felix van Deventer (22) plays good times, bad times (GZSZ), the role of Jonas Seefeld. Like that picture He is also in the 13th season of "I am a star – get me out of here!". According to his GZSZ profile page, he prefers to spend the holidays "by the sea, but also by nature". Well, it's ideal conditions for the jungle.

    So Soap candidate, you can go a long way in the show. In 2015, GZSZ star Jörn Schlönvoigt did it after all.

    Under the profile of felixvandeventer you will find jungle camp candidate Felix van Deventer on Instagram.

    Felix van Deventer is a candidate in the jungle ring 2019.

    © MG RTL D / Bernd Jaworek

    Jungle Camp 2019 – Presentation of the candidates in the video

    Only in 2020: Daniela Büchner has signed for the jungle ring

    Jungle camp 2019 will probably happen without Daniela Büchner. After her husband Jens Büchner's death, she becomes tall picture probably only in 2020 in Australian bush pull. She has already signed a contract for the coming season. RTL, but probably due to grief for his late husband, admits to postponing his participation for a year.

    It would have been her first appearance in a reality TV format without a man Jens. She showed that the 40-year-old Zunder in a reality TV format in the star's summer house 2018. She and her husband Malle Jens Büchner (he was in the jungle camp in 2017) brought almost all other participants to yourself. The mood shouted so loudly that her husband Jens almost admitted to beating. When it comes to pugnacious factor, Danni Büchner can become the new Helena Fürst – and, as its predecessor, get a subscription to the jungle exams.

    Danni Büchner was already asked in an Instagram story if she could imagine a participation in the jungle. Her answer: "I never thought about it". Garnished with a smiling face. A denial sounds different.

    According to Closer, she will get a fee of 45,000 euros as a jungle champion. For a subsequent participation in "The Perfect Celebrity Dinner" she should receive an additional 8,000 euros.

    Always on rebellion brushed: Daniela Büchner will move to the jungle camp in 2019.

    © MG RTL D / Bernd-Michael Maurer

    During the profile, the toboggan You can find Daniela Büchner on Instagram,

    Not in the jungle ring 2019: Federal Minister Günther Krause fell by medical check

    It would have been an absolute premiere: A former Federal Minister of the Jungle! Like that pictureNewspaper reports, former transport minister Günther Krause (65) should have signed a preliminary contract for the RTL show. At the request of the tabloid, the former CDU politician refused to go to the jungle, but at the same time admitted that there had been a request.

    Meanwhile, it is clear: Günther Krause has fallen through the mandatory medical test for the jungle. Krause suffers from heart problems for years. A participation in the show in the Australian bush would have been life threatening to him.

    Krause explains the Bild newspaper, why he is not a candidate in the jungle ring 2019: "It was mainly because of the content of the program. But the medical control was not entirely insignificant."

    Former transport minister Günther Krause is considered a possible candidate for the jungle year 2019.

    © dpa / Bernd Wüstneck

    After his political career, the former Minister of Transport made very few headlines: In 1993, he lost his service after it appeared that he had his cleaning lady subsidized by the employment office. In 2009, he was sentenced to 14 months in prison for trial. He was charged with fraud, infidelity and tax evasion in connection with his company "Aufbau Invest". In March 2018, Krause had to pay a fine of EUR 5400 for bankruptcy and bankruptcy of the consulting firm IBP.

    Also in April 2018 he caused a stir because he lived illegally in a villa he had bought but never paid. The owners waited months for their payment. So an extra income from the jungle camp would come in handy. But it doesn't work out.

    Jungle Camp candidate Günther Krause is not represented on Instagram.

    Not in jungleiren 2019: Annemarie Eilfeld was traded as a candidate

    Well, who knows her again? In 2009, Annemarie Eilfeld (28) became known as a candidate at DSDS. Especially because of her revealing performances, less because of the quality of her voice. Open, she spoke to lawyer Dieter Bohlen and was even described by him as a "Bitch". At that time she took third place on "Deutschland sucht den Superstar".

    Annemarie Eilfeld (28) will be a candidate at jungleir 2019.

    © picture alliance / Georg Wendt / d / Georg Wendt

    She still makes music. Her career has not necessarily reached the level of Helene Fischer or Vanessa Mai – and it's still gently formulated. Coming soon, songs on TV probably left in front of an audience of millions.

    Like that Closer Annemarie Eilfeld was also to be a candidate in the jungle ring in 2019: "Now she will lead to even more rebellion and remmidemmi in the bush." Write about her possible jungle pay Closer only: "So far, according to her own statement, she received 2,500 euros per look. RTL could easily hang on it now, null …."

    Now it seems clear: Annemarie Eilfeld will not move to jungleir 2019!

    The singer has already emphasized her Facebook profile that she definitely will not move into the jungle ring 2019: "This has not been up for debate for many years, and if I sometimes like to turn it on, I will not, jungle camp candidate & # 39; and has not said anything like that. & # 39;

    Under the profile annemarie_eilfeld You can find jungle camp candidate Annemarie Eilfeld on Instagram.

    Not in the jungle ring 2019: Emilija Mihailova was traded as a candidate

    Well, Dieter Bohlen realized that early: When Emilija Mihailova (29) competed on DSDS 2018, he accused her of just joining to separate from other TV formats. She was particularly noticeable with tight attire, less a big voice. She can talk to Annemarie Eilfeld about this DSDS recipe for success at Jungle Camp 2019.

    Dieter Bohlen told the singer: "You would get to know. You have achieved it. I am sure more people from TV formats will call you to join you in the jungle, and the devil will have something like spectator to see you closer. here. "Bohlen predicted her an early retirement at DSDS, which then took place in the first theme show. But he also said, "I think we hear and see a lot more about you"

    Then, in November, Emilija Mihailova Candidatin was in "Adam sighs Eve" 2018. After TV-Deutschland had been accused of RTL, in January 2019, she had also slammed some tiger-heads and sperm of Busch-operator in January.

    From the Closer, they are treated as possible Teilnehmerin. On the Candidate List there picture For the championship 2019 Emilija Mihailova did not care.

    Emilija Mihailova should say Candidate at the Dschungelcamp 2019.

    © MG RTL D

    Under them Profile e_mihailova Find The Candidate Campaign Emilija Mihailova at Instagram.

    Jungle Camp 2019: See Rafael van der Vaart as a candidate in the Dschungel?

    Then there is a courtesy of one of the wrestling campers: About Rafael van der Vaart (35). In November, the Ex-husband of Sylvie Meis was overrun in Fußballrente. Do you want to go to grass in the Jungle? On this Twitter account, the Netherlands added a screenshot to their mobile image screens, on the two entrances calling to their minds. One comes from the homeless coach of the English national mankind Harry Redknapp (71), there in the UK version of "I'm endless – Holds me here!" teilnimmt.

    The other Nachricht came from ITV Productions, the production company of "IBES". In this picture, Rafael writes: "I have had to cope with my roughness cousin." So much! On the Candidate List there picture For the champion 2019, the boat doesn't have to go.

    Dschungelcamp 2019: Ist GNTM-Kultkandidatin Klaudia & # 39; with K & # 39; Giez dabei?

    Auch Klaudia & # 39; with K & # 39; Giez, Kultkandidatin at "Germany's next Top Model" in this year, is acted as a candidate for the Jungle Camp 2019. Among them is a bottom line of one's own. Clearly publish a photo in your story. To say goodbye was the question a fan: "Do you want to fight?" Klaudias Antwort: Ein grinsendes Smiley. In spite of Instagram posting, the question said, "Did you want to feel like I was in a fight?"

    On the Candidate List there picture For the 2019 swing camp, Klaudia Giez didn't like it.

    Otto Waalkes will ins Dschungelcamp: Who reacts RTL

    Otto Waalkes surpassed with an interview with RTL's Jungle Camp in an interview. "If I went to a Jungle Camp? Independently, if you have never asked me," he kindly emphasized the magazine Hörzu, A really worthy resident of the German Stork Comics.

    Anlass of the Ready A Few Months Redeemer Interviews was the Enlightenment Announcement Biography "Little Hearts at All". When he spoke with the magazine, he stated: "When one of the most uncanny buddies came, I could have the ability to do it?" Otto Waalkes was "a great honor when we were unloaded". view, whether or not an intellectual audience can be entertained, "soft walks.

    Jungle camp 2019: RTL is at Wunsch von Otto Waalkes

    RTL did not rely on Otto Waalkes Dschungel-Plen. "One theme IBES candidates were to never show the show", concludes an RTL speaker requesting the West.

    Erst diese Woche erhielt Otto Waalkes das Bundesverdienstkreuz von Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

    Vor Kurzem gab RTL-Moderatorin Sonja Zietlow bekannt, dass bereits alle Teilnehmer für das Dschungelcamp bereit feststehen.

    Dschungelcamp 2019 bei RTL: Jetzt stehen alle „IBES“-Kandidaten fest

    RTL hat offenbar schon alle Verträge mit den Kandidaten für das Dschungelcamp 2019 unterzeichnet. Das geht aus einem Facebook-Posting von Dschungelcamp-Moderatorin Sonja Zietlow hervor.

    Am Montag setzte der Sender sie darüber in Kenntnis, mit welchen Kandidaten und Kandidatinnen sie in der nächsten Dschungelcamp-Staffel zu tun hat.

    Auf ihrem Facebook-Account schrieb Sonja Zietlow: „Heute wird es spannend…. uiuiui…. ich werde tatsächlich heute erfahren, wer uns im Dschungel im Januar so alles beglücken wird… drückt die Daumen, dass wir gute Performer und Charaktere bekommen. Aber verraten darf ich nichts. Sag ich Euch gleich!“

    Kandidaten für Dschungelcamp 2019 stehen fest

    Auch wenn Sonja Zietlow ihre Verschwiegenheits-Verpflichtung hervorhebt: Wir dürfen also davon ausgehen, dass demnächst die ersten Namen der Kandidaten für das Dschungelcamp 2019 in den Medien auftauchen. In den vergangenen Jahren, war es immer die in Sachen RTL-Shows notorisch gut informierte picture-Zeitung, die nach und nach die Kandidaten bekanntgab. Und das mit einer enorm hohen Trefferquote, wie sich im Januar immer zeigt, wenn der Kölner Privatsender die Teilnehmer offiziell vermeldet.

    Dschungelcamp 2019: Kandidaten sind noch nicht öffentlich

    Erst kurz vor dem Abflug nach Australien verrät RTL, welche Kandidaten in der aktuellen Dschungelcamp-Staffel dabei sind. Bis dahin bekommen alle Medien auf Fragen zu möglichen Kandidaten dieselbe Antwort: „Wie beteiligen uns nicht an Spekulationen.“

    Dschungelcamp 2019: Diese Gerüchte über Kandidaten gibt es bereits

    Dschungelcamp-Fans müssen sich zwar noch ein bisschen gedulden bis zur neuen Staffel der RTL-Reality-Show „Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!“ Es kursieren allerdings schon einige pikante Kandidaten-Gerüchte, die uns die Wartezeit bis zum Dschungelcamp 2019 versüßen. Das Dschungelcamp 2018 enttäuschte die Fans mit 12 langweiligen Kandidaten. Dass es trotz schlechter Quoten eine neue Staffel geben wird, bestätigte RTL bereits. Diese wird wie gewohnt im Januar live aus Australien ausgestrahlt. Schafft es RTL, spannendere Kandidaten in das Dschungelcamp 2019 zu locken als im Vorjahr?

    Otto Waalkes wird als heißer Kandidat für das Dschungelcamp 2019 gehandelt.

    © Daniel Reinhardt/dpa

    Eine sehr prominente Bewerbung für den Kampf um die Dschungelkrone soll laut der Zeitschrift HÖRZU bereits eingegangen sein: Komiker Otto Waalkes würde gerne in der kommenden Staffel in den  Dschungel ziehen, habe aber noch keine Einladung von RTL erhalten. „Wenn ein ehrliches Angebot käme, wie könnte ich das ablehnen? Es wäre mir eine große Ehre, da eingeladen zu werden“, so der 70-Jährige. Allerdings kann man bekanntlich nicht alle Äußerungen des Comedians für bare Münze nehmen. Vermutlich handelt es sich bei der Dschungelcamp-Bewerbung nur um einen Gag.

    Dschungelcamp 2019: Jürgen Wegmann ist kein Kandidat

    Bekanntlich gehören Ex-Fußballer zum Inventar der Dschungelbewohner dazu. Es ist gut möglich, dass im Dschungelcamp 2019 der frühere B
    undesliga-Stürmer Jürgen Wegman
    n (54) die Nachfolge von Thorsten Legat und Eike Immel antritt. Bereits vor zwei Jahren sagte er gegenüber Sportbild, dass er sich den Einzug in den Dschungel gut vorstellen könnte. Mit seinem berühmten Spruch „Ich bin giftiger als die giftigste Schlange“ und seinem Spitznamen „Kobra“ wäre er auf jeden Fall prädestiniert dazu. Und auch finanziell könnte Jürgen Wegmann, der früher beim FC Bayern, beim BVB und bei Schalke spielte, das Dschungelcamp gut gebrauchen. Er soll mittlerweile von einer Berufsunfähigkeitsrente leben.

    Aber: Auf der Kandidaten-Liste der picture für das Dschungelcamp 2019 taucht Jürgen Wegmann nicht auf.

    Sicher ist, dass RTL wie jedes Jahr wieder semi-bekannte TV-Sternchen aus den üblichen Reality-Formaten wie Deutschland sucht den Superstar und Germany‘s next Topmodel in den Dschungel schicken wird.

    Geht Vaness Mai als Kandidatin im Dschungelcamp 2019?

    Dass ein A-Promi wie Vanessa Mai als Kandidatin für das Dschungelcamp 2019 gehandelt wird, klingt natürlich wie ein Witz. Noch läuft ihre Karriere zu gut, so möchte man meinen, als dass sie sich den australischen Busch antun müsse. Tatsächlich wurde die Schlagerprinzessin im Interview mit dem Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger gefragt, ob sie sich eine Teilnahme am Dschungelcamp vorstellen könne. Ihre – wenig überraschende – Antwort: „Klares Nein. Ich wüsste nicht, was ich da machen sollte.“ 2019 werden wir Vanessa Mai definitiv nicht im Dschungelcamp sehen. Diese Prognose kann man wohl ohne Bedenken abgeben.

    Dieser Kandidat wäre beliebt: Calmund im Dschungelcamp 2019?

    Und dann gibt es auch noch Reiner Calmund, den früheren Manager des Bundesligisten Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Wie er 2017 in der früheren VOX-Sendung „Grill den Henssler” verriet, habe es Interesse gegeben, ihn ins Dschungelcamp zu holen. Zweifellos wäre „Calli“ ein höchst sympathische Kandidat. Er selbst wäre einer Teilnahme nach eigenem Bekunden auch nicht gänzlich abgeneigt. Nur: Die Gesundheit des pfundigen XXL-Mannes steht einem Einzug ins Dschungelcamp wohl im Weg.

    Es gab in der Vergangenheit bereits einige Teilnehmer, die das Camp aus gesundheitlichen Gründen verlassen mussten: Helmut Berger, Gunter Gabriel, Rolf Zacher, Giulia Siegel und Lisa Bund. Deswegen werden wir Reiner Calmund 2019 sicher nicht als Kandidaten erleben.

    Dschungelcamp 2019 muss ohne diesen Schlagerstar stattfinden

    Lange bevor die Kandidaten für das Dschungelcamp 2019 feststehen, gibt es schon die erste Absage. Fans von Tony Marshall können sich leider doch nicht auf eine Teilnahme des 80-Jährigen freuen, wie Bild berichtet.

    Zwar wäre Tony Marshall gerne dabei gewesen – und habe die Gage von circa 300.000 Euro auch schon für seine Stiftung verplant – jedoch untersage ihm sein Arzt die strapaziöse Reise. Der Schlagersänger soll an einer Herzschwäche leiden, die ihm den langen Flug nach Australien unmöglich mache.

    Er wäre gerne dabei gewesen – wegen seines Herzleidens musste Tony Marschall allerdings dem Dschungelcamp 2019 absagen.

    © Uli Deck/dpa

    Dschungelcamp 2019: Dagmar Frederic hat Teilnahme zweimal abgelehnt

    Die deutsche Sängerin, Tänzerin und Moderatorin Dagmar Frederic, die zuletzt mit ihrer Kritik an Thomas Gottschalk für Aufruhr gesorgt hat, hat offenbar bereits zweimal das Angebot erhalten, am RTL-Dschungelcamp teilzunehmen. „Aber das käme für mich nicht infrage. Ich lasse mir doch mein Image, das ich mir in 54 Jahren aufgebaut habe, nicht kaputt machen“, sagte Frederic im picture-Interview und fügte hinzu: „Außerdem esse ich keine Käfer.“

    Dschungelcamp 2019: Stefanie Hertel mit überraschender Beichte an die Öffentlichkeit

    Die deutsche Sängerin und Moderatorin Stefanie Hertel schließt eine Teilnahme an „Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus“ nicht aus! Beim NDR-Doku-Talk mit Lars Eidinger überraschte die 39-Jährige mit einer unerwarteten Aussage. Zu der Frage, ob sie sich eine Teilnahme an der RTL-Show vorstellen könnte, antwortete Hertel: "Natürlich soll man nie Nie sagen. Und wahrscheinlich wirklich, wenn ich mal…, wenn ich eines Tages wirklich finanzielle Probleme hätte und die würden mir dann irgendwie eine Million bieten oder, keine Ahnung, einen Haufen Geld und ich sage, das rettet jetzt irgendwie meine finanzielle Situation, dann würde ich es vielleicht machen."

    Stefanie Hertel schließt eine Teilnahme an der Show nicht aus.

    © dpa / Sebastian Willnow

    Zusätzlicher Anreiz für Kandidaten im Dschungelcamp 2019

    Potenziellen Kandidaten des Dschungelcamps 2019 wird übrigens eine lukrative Neuerung von RTL versprochen: Unter anderem soll der Nachfolger von Dschungelkönigin 2018 Jenny Frankhauser in der kommenden Staffel zum ersten Mal eine Gewinnsumme von 250.000 Euro bekommen, wie Bild berichtet.

    Die offizielle Bestätigung von RTL steht allerdings noch aus. Anscheinend ist eine Siegprämie aber bitter nötig: Es gestalte sich dieses Jahr extrem schwierig, Kandidaten für das Dschungelcamp zu finden, so das Onlineportal.


    RTL startet übrigens Anfang November eine neue TV-Show. Der Moderator ist erst junge 25 Jahre alt.

    Dschungelcamp 2019 in Gefahr: Buschfeuer nahe am Drehort

    Das Dschungelcamp 2019 ist offenbar in ernster Gefahr. In Australien toben derzeit Buschfeuer, die sich bereits gefährlich dem Drehort genähert haben. Die Buschbrände im Nordosten Australiens haben ein Ausmaß erreicht, das Meteorologen als „katastrophal“ bezeichnen. Die Feuer im Bundesstaat Queensland breiten sich bis in die Region des Dschungelcamps aus, das sich nahe der Ostküste bei dem kleinen Ort Murwillumbah befindet.

    Derzeit wird dort die nächste Staffel des britischen Dschungelcamps gedreht. Der Sender ITV, der die Show für Großbritannien produziert, ist in Sorge, berichtet der Mirror. Das nächstgelegene Feuer sei demnach von Norden her auf 60 Kilometer an das Camp herangerückt, in dem im Januar für RTL das deutsche „Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!“ gedreht werden soll. Derzeit sei keine Evakuierung der Teilnehmer geplant, doch ITV sei auch für diesen Ernstfall vorbereitet, teilte der Sender mit.

    Falls die Brände tatsächlich bis nach Murwillumbah vordringen, droht auch das Aus für das deutsche Dschungelcamp 2019. Die Gefahr ist real, denn Australien wird derzeit von sengender Hitze und extremer Dürre heimgesucht. In Brisbane, der Hauptstadt des Bundesstaates Queensland, wurden Temperaturen von 37,9 Grad gemessen. Die Feuerwehr kämpfte zuletzt gegen rund 130 Brände. "Wir werden schnell immer weitere Brände aufflammen sehen, das ist erst der Anfang", warnte eine Sprecherin von Feuerwehr und Rettungsdiensten schon am Mittwoch gegenüber der Nachrichtenagentur AFP. Es kam bereits zu Evakuierungen in den betroffenen Gebieten

    Die Fans müssen nun darauf hoffen, dass das Dschungelcamp 2019 wie geplant stattfinden kann. Bis zum Januar einen Ersatz-Drehort zu finden, wäre eine kaum zu bewältigende Herausforderung.

    *tz.de und Merkur.de sind Teil des bundesweiten Ippen-Digital-Redaktionsnetzwerks.

    Lesen Sie auch: Die Gerüchte-Küche brodelt: Geht Nadine Klein nach der Trennung von Ex-Freund Alexander Hindersmann ins Dschungelcamp?

    Wir haben außerdem alle Sendetermine fürs Dschungelcamp auf RTL für Sie zusammengefasst.

    Dschungelcamp 2019: Ab wann werden die Kandidaten rausgewählt?

    Nach Bachelorette-Trennung: So fies lästern Ex-Kandidaten über Beziehungs-Aus von Nadine

    Liebes-Aus bei der Bachelorette: Wird Alexander dennoch um Nadine kämpfen?

    Doch nicht nur fürs Dschungelcamp stehen nun die Kandidaten so gut wie fest, auch für die RTL-Serie „Der Bachelor“ sind nun alle Teilnehmerinnen bekannt.

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