Jungle Camp 2019: Who is Leila Lowfire?

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Leila Lowfire wants to win in the jungle camp in 2019 against their eleven competitors. Six podcasts recently caused a scandal when she announced that she had ever slept with a neo-Nazi.

The candidates in the jungle ring 2019 set out for the Australian bush. One of them is Berliner Leila Lowfire (25), who is probably not a term for every Z celebrity fan. She became known for her sex podcasts "Better than Sex" and "Sex Pleasures". Your profession is, as the names suggest, talking about intercourse. At the same time, she is quite open with the radio journalist Ines Anioli, and talks about topics such as "Of blood phobia, sauna departures and SM dates", "Where is crass sex at the festival?" And "Do you remove too much sex?"

Top without straight

Already in 2015, Leila drew media attention. For the action #nippelstatthetze, she moved on Facebook next to a male model holding up a cardboard sign that said, "Don't buy at the Kanak!" Blank. In addition, it reads: "One of these people violates the Facebook rules." Facebook deleted the image due to "content for nudity". The shield and racist baiting were apparently not the main cause of the social network to remove the image.

Lowfire shock fans with Nazi sex scandal

In 2015, Leila was clearly against racism and shocked her fans in 2018 on her podcast live tour. In Hamburg, according to "Bento", she asked the audience the question: "Who in the room has ever fucked a Nazi?" She then explained that she was sleeping with a neo-Nazi. According to the portal, several spectators left the hall as they waited in vain for a dissolving stroke line.

Later she moved to Instagram at Instagram's position. According to the author, they will not accept the criticism. In Cologne they understood their humor, Hamburg just wanted to be something special.

In the jungle she wants to retire

As of Friday, Lowfire, who says she doesn't take herself seriously, must prove herself in the jungle. As the main motivation for her participation, she tells RTL: "Digital Detox, because when it happens that you release your mobile phone?" She will definitely have to do without her cell phone, but she will also drop the case in front of the cameras: "I believe in a bathing suit showering only difficult difficult. I think I'll take a shower naked. "Does it help to win over the better known competition? (EUC)

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