Jungle Camp 2019: This is false in the rainforest

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Cobwebs made of sugar, caves made of fiberglass and Kotzfruchtcocktails, which consist only of milk and water? Is everything just fake, what the jungle camp on TV leaves to us? For the first time, RTL commented on the rumors that have existed for years.

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The jungle exams are always what makes me a star – get me out of here. Interesting: so-called stars must bathe in cockroaches, drink pureed fruit, eat the bull's neck, crawl through ugly, smelly slime – in short: they must do so, why she sends RTL in the jungle every January. That's why most viewers turn on.

What looks so disgusting and sometimes dangerous, of course, is called critics every year on stage. Do the crocodiles actually bite? Are the scorpions stinging? Unthinkable, if something serious would happen to celebrities in the rainforest.

Jungle Camp 2019: Are Cobwebs Made of Sugar?

The "Bild-Zeitung" has therefore proclaimed the great series of revelations and bombarded the station from Cologne with many questions about the jungle. RTL now came before the "picture" and reveals even the biggest questions about the jungle.

These candidates meet the jungle exams in 2019: (from left to right) Peter Orloff, Tommi Piper, Sibylle Rauch, Gisele Oppermann, Doreen Dietel, Chris Töpperwien, Domenico de Cicco, Leila Lowfire, Bastian Yotta, Felix van Deventer, Evelyn Burdecki and Sandra Kiriasis .

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Are not cobwebs that made many stars crawl, and it always has a great fit in the hair and clothes, really not? But rather from sugar and doesn't taste bad at all? This should have betrayed a former, unspecified "image" candidate.

Not true, says RTL. "Many cobwebs are real and some artificial cobwebs are used, but they're not made from sugar."

And what about the caves? Candidates must crawl through narrow, dark caves and shafts stuffed with cockroaches, snakes and spiders in the jungle exam. In fact, rocks and rocks are partly made of fiberglass. "We are trying to optimize the technology required for these productions to the environment," explains RTL. "Cameras and other necessary production technology are partially packed in fiberglass on the camp for visual and security reasons."

IBES 2019: Is that disgusting mucus really that disgusting?

Some celebrities become quite obnoxious by the jungle test: they have to crawl through smelly slime. If this really stinks so, but again is an open question, because: The slime is artificially produced, according to RTL, has hygienic causes. And the animals, like cockroaches, are bacteria-free. They come partly from breeding farms.

But what about the alleged disgusting drinks, such as the vomit cocktail? Kotzfrucht, also called Durian fruit, is known to smell evil. It shouldn't make drinking easier – right? "For drinking water, some drinks are diluted," RTL explains. The "Bild-Zeitung" will have observed that cocktails no longer have so much to do with the poultry crop, but consist mainly of milk and water.

Jungle Camp 2019: A waterfall with off button

The jungle in the jungle ring is real, but the waterfall, which the jungle bears use for showers, was artificially created. He beats himself at night. This has very practical reasons: At night he is not necessary, says RTL.

The camp fire, on the other hand, must always burn, which is the caravan's responsibility during the two weeks. The reason is not that C celebrities would otherwise freeze in their flatbed. Rather, it's about the camp lighting: So the cameras can catch the stars well in the dark. In addition, the nightclub at the fire station has already given some Zoff and evoked the stars so many hidden mysteries.

More jungle ropes from RTL:

  • The crocodiles are bound for security reasons, muzzles.
  • Toxic animals are collected daily. RTL: "But we are in the rainforest, so snakes and spiders come to the camp now and then."
  • Security personnel are not armed.
  • Jungle sea is not mixed with chlorine.
  • There is no meter long shaft under the outhouse.
  • Fuels, which the campers must collect daily, are given to them and are prepared in the jungle.
  • Australian water spiders may bite, although not likely, according to RTL. Scorpions can stick.
  • Did Brigitte Niesen break the highest fee by 200,000 euros? Unfortunately, RTL does not comment on that.

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Hard to believe, but the jungle ring is already in the 13th season January 11th. For weeks already rumored, who's probably in "I'm a Star – get me out of here!" will be there. Now RTL has officially confirmed the twelve candidates.

Teaser image: © MG RTL D / Arya Shirazi

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