Jungle Camp 2019: The biggest exciting seasons

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Most recently, when the first roller has been set and the food is scarce, nerves in the RTL jungle ring are empty. It is messed up, certified and confessed. These celebrities caused the most attention. © spot on news

Sarah Knappik quickly lost the picture of the Jungle Mind in 2011. The former GNTM participant weakened the exams and invented the most creative excuses. When she was going to eat pots and cockroaches, she explained, "I'm a vegetarian and I don't eat animals." However, the audience loved their misery and chose the blonde several times in the exams. Jungle colleague Matthieu Carrière was so annoyed that he asked her to leave the camp, please. That's what Knappik did – but not without …

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… ranting about Jay Khan and Indira Weis before. The two were apparently closer to the jungle, but Sarah Knappik did not believe in the great love. For Jay had also asked her before the jungle move, whether she would arrange a romance with him for photo reasons. Weis loved her – even after the show. At least half a year …

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In 2017, they saw viewers mostly from Hanka Rackwitz – and their other campers. She struggles with many fears and coercion and was annoying roommates in the Australian jungle – because they also had to comply with their rules. Finally she fought and landed in second place.

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Caroline Beil had something to complain about in 2004 in the first jungle relay for almost all participants. "Hackebeil" had it especially on Susan Stahnke ("schlabberige skin"), Lisa Fitz ("At fault is everything") and Mariella Ahrens ("false breasts") apart. Finally, she made it fourth place with her blasphemies. However, the good-natured Costa Cordalis was crowned in the jungle king.

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She was happy with the viewers with a short jungle visit: Dolly Buster left the camp in season two already after 48 hours again. The ex-porn actress especially wanted a colleague no longer: The disputes with Désirée Nick, who later won the season, went to Dolly Buster too much against the grain.

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Her other campers soon gave Helena Fürst the nickname "Höllena". Especially former soccer specialist Thorsten Legat could not do anything with the regular TV lawyer. He described her as a "Furzfrau" who "achieved nothing". She called him "misogynist" and a "Macker". Fürst made it to the semi-finals, Legat fought his way to the finals, but had to be defeated by Jungle King Menderes Bağcı.

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With a fight, dear Patrick Nuo shocked his fans. The Swiss spoke in season seven about his porn addiction. He had been addicted since he was a teenager and spent more than three hours a day on it. "I was so addicted that I didn't feel anything in the most beautiful women."

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The actor Radost Bokel had to watch the release of a spicy video helpless. Even during his time in the jungle in 2012, the sex title "From Momo to Amateur Porn" occurred. An ex-girlfriend is said to have published and sold the private video. Ironically, her mother was surfing the web on the video and had reported immediately.

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With his comments he shot in: The Swiss mentalist Vincent Raven made in season six with sentences like "Red – it's a tuna color, such a bassoon" or "women in leadership positions you have to look at your fingers" negative talk, On day 13 chose the spectators him from the show.

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His behavior in the past had consequences: DJ Tomekk got RTL to throw him out of the camp in season three. What happened? In a private video, the music was seen as making Hitler's greeting. The managers immediately took him out of the show without explanation. Even his subsequent excuse that it was just a "stupid joke" did not change the decision.

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Larissa Marolt (l.) Caused a feeling in 2014 with a special record: she had to pass ten jungle exams more than any other participant in the RTL show. Finally, their mission, but only enough for the second place. The winner in season 8 was ex-Bachelor participant Melanie Müller (r.).

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Georgina Fleur was also a popular candidate for the audience when it came to jungle exams. For a total of seven, the ex bachelor candidate had to compete. In retrospect, the self-proclaimed It-Girl felt erroneous representation: "I am not so shallow or bitch, I may have become a little naughty, but it is a protective mechanism, so I develop Divas airs," she said in an interview,

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"Your mission is still to eliminate Sam's hair extensions," was a line in a letter that Fiona Erdmann had received from a friend and was read aloud. As a result, an ugly war broke out between Georgina and her – who also stopped after the show. Fleur, for example, claimed via Facebook that the jewelry collection of her former camp roommate was stolen. Common appearances, like here in the live show "I'm a Star – Let me come back!", Are still rare today.

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When he attended, many spectators thought: Why does he take the burden on himself? Helmut Berger left the camp after only two days. He had almost denied everyday life, for longer distances he had to seek help from his colleagues. Finally Dr. Bob Ripcord: He sent the former world star to the hotel. The heat is a risk to the circulation.

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His indecision irritated the viewers and his colleagues: In the season, Michael Wendler spoke the decisive sentence: "I'm a star – get me out of here!" After leaving the camp, the pop star attacked his decision. Does Wendler move back to camp? It was out of the question for RTL.

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