Jungle Camp 2019: Sonja Zietlow shocks with first picture from Australia

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Soon, the jungle ring will start, and presenter Sonja Zietlow has already visited Australia. With this first snapshot from Down Under, it's all down to ice cold!

We don't have to wait long – the jungle camp will start again soon! For the new season of the RTL show "I'm a Star – Get Me Out Here!" Sign this year again twelve more or less famous personalities in the Australian jungle. Gradually, the celebrities now land in Down Under, before starting January 11 with the entrance to the camp on the right. Meanwhile, Sonja Zietlow (50), the fast witted presenter of the reality show, has meanwhile come to Australia.

In the video above: Jungle Camp 2019 – the official photos the candidates are here!

In the social media, she keeps the fans updated and posted even short travel adjustments from the plane. But now, Sonja shocks her followers on her Facebook account with a very special snapshot. On the fun sales from the bathroom, the 50 year old has an uninvited visit …

If you can't see the picture, click here.

At first glance, it seems like a normal self-confidence, which Sonja has shared in her social media accounts in several similar ways. But this time she is not as usual in the picture: All eyes are on the giant spider over her head. Sonja comments on the photo with her furious roommate only with the word "Australia", but her appearance really says more than a thousand words.

Sonja Zietlow has been part of the jungle ring since season one. In the video below we show how the presenter has changed over the years.

Her fans are also shocked

It is well known that it is appalling with large insects and disgusting crawlies in Australia, but this spider is really great! Her fans are also shocked and admire the 50-year-old for their courage. "If it's real, I'll be on the way back to the airport," "I would have run out of bathroom screaming," and "That's why I'm glad I'm not a celebrity, and I'll never kiss …" write their followers to the image in social networks. The presenter does not even go to camp! But the great spider also found its way into Sonja's bath.

The 50-year-old takes the uninvited guest with humor: she may have got a taste of what the celebrities expect for three days in the Australian jungle. "Toxic animals are caught as well as possible. But we are in the middle of the rainforest. So sometimes worms or spiders come to the camp, an RTL statement says.

Well, we are curious and hope that at least the popular presenter will be saved by crawlies in the future.

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