Jungle Camp 2019: Bastian Yotta allegedly earned his millions

adminJanuary 8, 2019

January 11, the 13th season of the RTL show "I'm a Star – Get Me Out of Here!". Twelve more or less famous celebrities will then move to the Australian Jungle. it star introduces them. Today: Bastian Yotta.

characteristics: Bastian Yotta, bourgeois Bastian Gillmeier

Date of Birth: December 4, 1976

Birthplace: Landshut

Profession: Entrepreneur, Author, Reality TV Actor

Known by: "Taff", "Picture" newspaper and "Adam looks for Eve"

Who is Bastian Yotta?

He likes to show off in expensive cars and lightly dressed women: Bastian Yotta is the famous prototype millionaire. It is still unclear whether he is one. Yotta stands for media attention. Over 750,000 follow Instagram narcissists, as many as two on Snapchat. There, 42-year-old gives lifestyle tips and presents his muscular body. He is allowed to do so during the jungle shower.

His career

Yotta, whose real name is Gillmeier, studied business administration and worked as an insurance broker in Bavaria. In 2014 he emigrated with his then boyfriend Maria Hering to the United States. After the station ProSieben got to know the two, they got their own format in the TV show "taff". In the wonderful life of Yotta's presented, she claims to be self-proclaimed millionaires showing their decadent lifestyle in Los Angeles. Where the money came from, Yotta revealed it in one starInterview: "I developed a concept of artificial intelligence, and a big American engineering company took a bite and I sold it too much money." Yotta announced that this innovation would also be launched in Germany in 2016. But instead, his participation in RTL followed naked coup show "Adam sucht Eve".

His greatest success

His greatest success is to have built a brand under the name Yotta: It stands for pride, proll and decadence. Geissens – just younger. 2015 was read about Yottas almost daily in the newspaper "Bild". It is also a performance.


In 2015, the Yotta published the book "Dream Yourself Slim – The Revolutionary Method of Desire Weight". In it he promises to have found a "revolutionary method" to burn fat in sleep "and to tighten the body". Perhaps it will soon be part two: On the pile in the jungle ring, so many inhabitants have already lost a few pounds.

Why is Yotta going to the jungle?

He apparently has enough money. So why is Bastian Yotta going to the jungle? "I am convinced that when the audience meets me as humans, they are surprised," he said before going to Australia. And if that doesn't work, he can borrow the handrails from Peter Orloff. Which has Schlagerbarde as a luxury element.

Who goes to the jungle ring except Bastian Yotta?

The list of participants is complete. Next to Bastian Yotta, these eleven celebrities will move to the jungle:

– Six podcasts Leila Lowfire

– Tommi Piper, Alf's voice

– Vox emigrant Chris Töpperwien

– "Bachelor" candidate Evelyn Burdecki

– "Popsicles" star Sibylle Rauch

– "Bachelor in Paradise" candidate Domenico De Cicco

– Actress Doreen Dietel

– "Germany's next top model" candidate Gisele Oppermann

– Bob Olympic Champion Sandra Kiriasis

– Pop singer Peter Orloff

– "GZSZ" actor Felix van Deventer

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