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adminJanuary 8, 2019

On January 11, the time has come. it Jungle Camp starts in its 13th season. So that you do not miss anything in a few days to the start, we have summarized everything that is important to you here.

Let's start on Friday at 21:15. So now better make bush cocktails cold. It then continues every night from 22.15.

Tuesday January 8th

It has never been there. So far Jungle Camp-Send RTL is always a great secret for the events around Jungle CampBut before the 13th season the Cologne TV channel suddenly reveals everything.

We've written down the most exciting secrets and tricks for you:

  • You will also go to Jungle Camp? It's the address: 362 Dungay Creek Road
  • The famous waterfall where the stars are showers … Fake! RTL will make sure that jungle campers have clean water available. Also fun: the waterfall is turned off at night.
  • The voice at the other end of the jungle phone is not Daniel Hartwich, but one of the manufacturers. Daniel Hartwich speaks only the text over it, this is a regular stylistic entity, so RTL.
  • What is common in the jungle exam? Right: spider web. But did you know that they are not all genuine. Some are also made from sugar.
  • Where do insects come from? Part of insects in Jungle Camp comes from breeding farms, so RTL.
  • What are the disgusting drinks that Kotzfruchtsaften? Some drinks are diluted with milk or water for drinkability.
  • And also on Otto Walkes expressed RTL. Thus, even though he expressed his interest in it Jungle Camp but it never came to negotiations.
  • Stars wanted to get out Jungle Camp? Not with RTL. "When celebrities played with the idea of ​​leaving the camp, there were discussions about how this crisis could be overcome." But nobody was persuaded, according to the broadcaster.


Sonja Zietlow is ready for it Jungle Camp 2019! For the plane into Jungle Camp Zietlow was equipped by none other than Natascha Ochsenknecht – who gave the clothes from her new collection. And Sonja Zietlow has made a great deal of joy with it. The RTL veteran proudly shared on Facebook on Saturday and wrote: "Natascha Ochsenknecht, thank you for the travel outfit! I love pink."

Natascha Ochsenknecht loves the compliment and shares Sonja's picture directly on Instagram.

Monday, January 7th

How? Will it be Jungle Camp not filmed in Australia, when RTL prayed for years as a prayer mill? It at least claims that Muslim millionaire Bastian Yotta on Instagram. So using kingqpbling wrote "Jungle CampParticipants: You are never in Australia! Locker Studio! "

Yes, Yotta can't resist: "True. But don't tell anyone. Everything is beaten in Ergolding. Green box."

it Jungle Camp in Bavaria? Can't vote. WEST asked RTL, the station must know. And voila: "IBES is surprisingly actually produced in Australia," said the station's spokesman Claus Richter.

Everything just saw a joke of Bastian Yotta.

Sunday, January 6 – First Zoff between Yotta and Töpperwien

it Jungle Camp has not yet started, it is already the first Zoff!

And not between ex-pair Evelyn and Domenico. No, master millionaire Bastian Yotta hand over Chris Töpperwien. How few people know: Both emigrated from the United States, were previously enough friends. There can't be talk of it today.

According to t-online, Yotta sent a message to Instagram on behalf of her former mate: "Yes, it's Zoff with Currywurstmann. Let's see if that little sausage has endurance." He explains further in his story: "It gets exciting, he started Zoff, I'm a peacekeeping person. "

The answer from Chris was of course not long in coming. He also commented on Instagram: "And again," pee "to talk. By the way, Sebastian Gillmeier is called for me from today. Who? Yes, the one who calls himself Yotta." Humming, that's what it is.

Saturday January 5th

1:25 p.m.: For ex-candidate Kader Loth, a rule change causes discontent. In today's season, the winner gets off Jungle Camps first automatic gain of 100,000 euros. Compared to Promiflash Loth, she made unpleasant air: "So when I heard it, I was already annoyed. I don't think that's okay." However, she also thinks she knows the reason behind the change: "Of course you want to motivate people not to throw up the towel so fast. With the money, creators are again an incentive to really go out and so the reviews are also better. "

8.41 clock: As every year, even in 2019, take luxury items to the camp – this year two more. In previous years, this drove some strange flowers. So Peer Kusmagk, winner of 2011, took his looting Schotti with him Jungle Camp, Now RTL has announced some luxury articles, which the candidates take in 2019:

  • Sybille Rauch takes a pillow and a blanket with her
  • Sandra Kiriasis takes a pareo (garment) and wipes
  • Giselle Oppermann takes a cozy toy and a talisman
  • Former candidate Evelyn Burdecki takes her lipstick and face cream with her
  • Leila Lowfire uses face oil and a cushion on the camp
  • Christ Töpperwien takes hair color and hair gel
  • Tommi Piper, Alfred's actor, takes neck pillows and stick with him
  • Bastian Yotta puts on wipes and a pillow
  • Peter Orloff takes dumbbells and a pillow
  • Only GZSZ star Felix van Deventer takes only one pillow

Friday, January 4

6:15 pm: In addition to the twelve candidates, there is now another participant: Kader Loth. Granted, the 45 year old does not move again Jungle Camp but is available as a chat and TV expert. In the interview with "Promiflash" she revealed that she was scheduled as a permanent guest on the show "The Hour After".

About her role in the format, she says, "I'm talking about it. There are always questions from viewers like: If you remove luxury items from the candidates, what do you do? Is this really false?" Of course, she brings the right beauty tips from her time in the jungle two years ago: "From personal experience I give tips on beauty and well-being. How style and cares what Mother Nature offers."

2:09 p.m.: He will probably be the role of the Prolls in Jungle Camp taking. Millionaire Bastian Yotta moves into the jungle – and has a challenge for the competition. Above all, he doesn't seem to speak well: Chris Töpperwien. "Yes, Zoff with Currywurstmann, that is. Let's see if the little sausage has endurance," says Yotta in an Instagram story.

He didn't do much with the rest: "I don't know the other candidates that way. But fooled – I'm going through and it's a great experience."

There are jungle camp candidates and their secrets

9:45: Candidates are ready: But most fans of "Jungle Camps "is not enthusiastic about choosing this year's participants. These are the reactions:

  • "It's wise if I google 90 percent of the crew to know who it is."
  • "I was on my first communion in the parish council. From the celebrity level, I would also be eligible."
  • "So this time I don't look. It's a joke Then you can be the same."
  • "RTL, who are you? I'm a fan of the first hour, but what you choose now is underground. Absolutely uninteresting, unknown creatures."

Some find the negative comments, but also exaggerated. Motvotene:

  • "I know seven. But that's not what it's about. No matter who's in there, interpersonal is interesting about it."
  • "Have you ever been celebrities in the jungle? I don't understand the excitement right now."

7.39 am: GZSZ actor Felix van Deventer is one of the candidates to move into the Australian jungle in a week.

What moved him to participate in the TV show, 22-year-old now reveals in an interview with "RTL". He explains: "A big reason I go to the camp is that people should see how I really am and what makes me. You meet Felix. The right Felix and not Jonas."

He also warns his colleagues: "If I haven't eaten in days, I'll be tough."

Thursday, January 3 – These are the candidates – and their secrets

Much is speculated and speculated. Now RTL publishes all candidates participating in the jungle ring 2019. The secret to the candidates for Jungle Camps 2019 is aired with it.

Sibylle smoke – erotic icon

  • is bourgeois Erika Roswitha Rauch
  • published the song "So Long, Farewell" in 1982
  • calls her partner "Bussibär"

Tommi Piper – actor and voice by Alf

  • attended a master's school
  • will miss his dog the most
  • Synonymous times synchronized with Elvis Presley

Gisele Oppermann – Model

  • announced the intimate fragrance "Vulva Original"
  • her daughter is Maria Lucie Leni (4)
  • plays in a horror movie in 2019

Chris Töpperwien – currywurst man

  • pronounced cleaning
  • colored hair for 9 years
  • screams on animal films

Evelyn Burdecki – Bachelor candidate

  • Degree: Fachabitur
  • had only ten minutes on "Bachelor"
  • once had a friend of Leonardo DiCaprio

Domenico de Cicco – Bachelor's degree

  • Comes from lens arrays
  • his great love is daughter Lia Noelia
  • Have the hair fine

Leila Lowfire – sex expert

  • had (perhaps) something with Till Lindemann
  • 15 second look at "Dogs of Berlin"
  • Danced in videos of BossHoss, Samy Deluxe and Scooter

Peter Orloff – hit star and producer

  • had a serious car accident in 2008
  • composed "You" for Peter Maffay
  • has about 250 appearance a year

Sandra Kiriasis – Bob Olympic Champion

  • love to play golf
  • Maiden name Prokoff
  • have trained the Jamaican bobsleigh Olympic team

Bastian Yotta – self-appointed millionaire

  • his crown jewels are known from "Adam seeks Eve"
  • "Yotta" means 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (Quadrillion)
  • is always "full of energy"

Doreen Dietel – actress

  • named by the second name Dantje
  • Zodiac Libra
  • In 2007, the Playboy cover adorned

Felix van Deventer – GZSZ star

  • Degree: Intermediate date
  • played in the C and D youth at HSV
  • Fear of bats

Wednesday 2 January

Just before she came to Jungle Camp 2019 is a candidate Evelyn Burdecki (30) did something bad. She had her lips sprayed on and was excited by the result first.

But shortly afterwards she got pain and had to be operated in America.

OP is difficult: "I can't speak English"

"I can't speak English," says Evelyn tz, "Doctors thought, what is this because?" With a mix of German and English, the former "Bachelor 2017" participant could communicate roughly and a Few syringe.

Evelyn Burdecki had an allergic reaction or a bacterial infection. for Jungle Camp 2019 she should be in shape again

There are so many stars cash in the jungle

Good for the new jungle candidate. After all, she would otherwise get the chance for a prizes in the event of a win Jungle Camp 2019 Let go. It should be in six-digit range.

In addition, the stars are lured into the jungle every year with handsome fees. How much RTL pays depends on various factors (awareness, duration, etc.). How much the individual celebrities earn is uncertain. The portal gehalt.de has made at least one estimate. Then the 2019 jungle camp candidates may have negotiated these fees:

  • Sibyl Rauch (100,000 Euro)
  • Bastian Yotta (80,000 euros)
  • Felix van Deventer (70,000 euros)
  • Peter Orloff (50,000 euros)
  • Leila Lowfire (50,000 euros)
  • Sandra Kiriasis (€ 50,000)
  • Chris Töpperwien (€ 50,000)
  • Evelyn Burdecki (30,000 euros)
  • Doreen Dietel (30,000 euros)
  • Tommi Piper (30,000 euros)
  • Tobias Wegener (30,000 euros)
  • Domenico De Cicco (30,000 euros)
  • Giselle Oppermann (20,000 euros)

30-year-old apologizes for beauty intervention

The 30-year-old has long regretted his beauty operation and told tz: "God has given me a punishment and I now like my lips as they are. Then I'll make some more lipstick on it," jungle camp candidate says.

The lipstick becomes Evelyn Burdecki probably not with effort anyway Jungle Camp 2019 allowed to take.

Monday 31 December:

After a degrading beauty operation, she wanted to kill her, but from the bottom of her life, Doreen Dietel was strengthened as never before.

Now the 44-year-old also wants to be through the tough tests in Jungle Camp 2019 giant. In fact, how strong is the long-standing actress of the "Dahoam Dahoam" series, she also shows in her current Instagram post.

She writes, "I always fight for something when I feel it gets me on. Because the one who fights can lose, but those who don't fight have already lost." Here's the whole post:

Her Instagram fans support the 44-year-old with her clear challenge and probably soon in Jungle Camp 2019. Supporter christnebutterfly122 writes: "Just don't let it go, you've done a lot in your life and keep it up. Dear Doreen, you are a very strong woman. Hats off, really. "

Doreen Dietel played "Trixi" in the BR series "Dahoam is Dahoam" for 10 years. During this time she also got a son. Since the beginning of 2018, she runs a café in Gmund am Tegernsee. Now she could soon move into the Australian jungle.

Saturday December 29:

She should be off the booth Jungle Camp 2019 be – Leila Lowfire. But most can do little with the 25-year-olds.

So here's a quick and concise one: Five Facts About Leila Lowfire!

  • Leila Lowfire is by profession a model and erotic podcast operator, somehow also a sex expert.
  • Where do you know them? Good question. She appeared in the echo distribution with Rammstein rocker Till Lindemann, and protested with bare breasts on Instagram against xenophobia.
  • Leila Lowfire, along with Ines Anioli, creates a podcast titled "Better Than Sex". in such famous topics as "Can you learn a deepthroat", "Analsex-Fails" or "What & # 39; s so horny about fisting"
  • In 2016, she was an actress for a short time. She played Leila in Klaus Lemke's film "Unterwäschelügen". A conversation girl.
  • Also with podcast colleague Ines Anioli, Leila Joko and Klaas tried to compete. However, their common Tele5 series Vendetta tinsel was discontinued after six episodes. Surprisingly in such great acts as walking in latex dog clothes through Amsterdam.

For hot bedtime stories in Jungle Camp 2019 So be taken care of.

Friday 28th. December:

It is guaranteed that you will not enter Jungle Camp At least when it comes to her sister – Daniela Katzenberger. Still, the cat would be the big star the RTL officials would have wanted for 2019 jungle.

Jenny Frankhauser explains in an interview with Promiflash why there won't be another jungle cat: "Nah, so my sister would never do it. The disgusting thing is above all else."

+++ "Jungle Camp" 2019: RTL reveals: This innovation is an extra motivation for celebrities +++

Thursday, December 13:

These are the hottest ones Jungle CampCandidates (by picture):

Leila Lowfire is 25, an adult actress and also familiar with the podcast "Better Than Sex".

Sybille Rauch, 58, was also a porn actress and became known through her participation in cool classic "popsicles".

Giselle Oppermann, 30, fulfills the criterion of having participated in a casting show. In her case, it was "Germany's next top model", where she stood in 2008 by various Zickereien in the center.

+++ jungleir: Daniela Büchner continues RTL show – but it's a +++ state

Felix van Deventer, 22, plays in long-standing hit "Good times, bad times" Jonas Seefeld.

Chris Töpperwien, 44, became acquainted with his participation in Vox documentary soap "Goodbye Deutschland". He is a self-appointed currywurst king.

Sandra Kiriasis, 43, was successful as a bobsled runner. She won the World Cup seven times.

+++ "Dschungelcamp 2019" at RTL: After fan questions on Instagram – is this GNTM cult candidate in the bush? +++

Tommi Pieper, 77, was known to lend his voice to a cult figure in the 80's and talked about the alien "Alf".

Doreen Dietel, 44, played in the comedy "Girl, Girl 2" and later on the crime scene.

Domenico de Cicco, 35, qualified by participating in "The Bachelorette" for Jungle Camp,

Evelyn Burdecki was once a "Bachelor", who even qualified her to participate in "Celebrity Big Brother". Now there is loud "picture" in jungle,

Bastian Yotta, 42, once made it to television to show off his wealth. His participation, according to "Bild", but not yet certain, because he was recently arrested. His replacement is Tobias Wegener, 25, who once participated in the RTL2 show "Love Island".

Minister Günther Krause is not allowed to participate. He did not pass medical check. Peter Orloff (74) takes his place in his place Jungle Camp, He celebrated successes as a pop singer and actress.

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