Júlia Pinheiro on crutches: "I didn't go well" – José Luis leaves hostess "with legs" (Video)

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Júlia Pinheiro He injured himself and shared, in social networks, some videos where he came from crutches. The SIC host was injured shortly after an interview with José Luis Cardoso.

"I'm here with an old program that is a physiotherapist and a therapist. And why? I put a foot in a tar of tar and I'm treated to what is probably a sprain," he begins to explain in one of the shared videos.

For now, the TV face will not have to make an X-ray. "There is no need for now. If the pain persists, it gets better," says physiotherapist.

"You know then, today I will introduce myself like this, with this new propeller. Don't be worried. I'm already a person of a certain age, am I not? It doesn't look good," Julia concludes.

Jose Luis leaves Júlia Pinheiro "with his legs"

In another video, where she appears to be using a crutch, Julia "fianc2ee Married at First Sight," calms Jose Luis Cardoso.

"I went to interview Conde das Antas, and I was like that," he writes in the video recording.

"It was the earl. It impressed me! He left me with wobbly legs. His charm made me this. It made my legs tremble. I fell. I didn't go well … I put a foot in a hole," he yells.

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