Julia Belard lives drama with her baby son: "It's hard to see them suffer"

adminDecember 29, 2018

The actor has been through difficult times.

This Friday, July 28, Julia Belard shared a drama common to many mothers: the growth of molars in infants.

Matias mother, who was only one year old, told Instagram about the difficult times she has been through: "Everyone has heard of the problems associated with the birth of their babies. Matias already has eight, so we feel the skin some difficult moments But the molars damn No one tells us about the molars There are four to be born at the same time Two more canines What explains the sudden need for mother, nibbles, irritability and crying – It's hard to see them suffering and they can't do much to help.

Júlia Belard continued to use the publication to advise followers: "Here we chose to use Camilia, Amber Necklace back to the load and Bach's flowers." Unfortunately, Matias doesn't care much about the typical bitter. even with effective solutions? "

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