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adminNovember 25, 2018

Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper are shooting into action near Oxford, England.

The video game company Rebellion, which is moving towards film and television, has bought a great old print work that will become a studio space for its long-awaited TV series Judge Dredd, "Judge Dredd: Mega-City One "and his rogue Trooper Movie, directed by Duncan Jones (" Source Code "). Both projects feature characters from the legendary British comic series "2000 AD", which Rebellion bought, appropriately, in 2000.

In addition to serving Rebellion's burgeoning list of film and television projects, the studio will also be available to third parties in a boost for the entertainment industry in Britain, where the demand for space is outstripping supply.

The site in Didcot, about 50 miles west of London, was previously a printing house for the Daily Mail newspaper. With large soundproofed spaces already installed, parts of the facility will be ready for use in a few weeks, without the need to go through The long planning permission process.

Major expansions are under way at Pinewood, Shepperton, Church Fenton and other studios, and there are plans to build new facilities in Liverpool, East London and Leeds. But because of its proximity to production bases in London and Bristol, the new Rebellion Studios will now provide much-needed additional space. It has a total area of ​​220,000 square feet, including a sound stage of 25,000 square feet.

Jason Kingsley, who founded Rebellion with his brother Chris, said the site would be used as a place as well as a studio. He said that the site and the stages are valued at $ 100 million. The company expects to create up to 500 new jobs as the new study goes live.

In the world of games, Rebellion is known for the series "Sniper Elite" and recent releases such as "Strange Brigade". He has acquired a series of IP comics, which bought "2000 AD" from Egmont and, two years ago, the Fleetway and IPC Youth Group file from the same seller, an agreement that gave him titles and characters that include "Battle", "Action" and "Roy of the Rovers".

Jason Kingsley said Variety that the barriers between the different types of entertainment and screen-based narrations are fading. "I think we are very good at creating content in all different types, screen content and interactive games and all kinds of things, and I hope we are equally good at making television and movies," he said.

The Kingsleys were the producers of the feature film "Dredd" of 2012, and the man of the law who is forceful will return in the television series "Judge Dredd: Mega-City One". That will be produced by Rebellion Studios, which, with the pilot's script in hand, is talking to potential broadcast and platform partners. The Rogue Trooper film features the blue-skinned, genetically engineered super-soldier, and is being developed in partnership with Duncan Jones and Stuart Finnegan, who are directing and producing, respectively.

Part of the reason for establishing the new study, which is located near the Rebellion base in Oxford, was the lack of space to carry out these new projects, Kingsley said.

"We have a great library of good stories and we will also do original things," Kingsley said. "We make computer games. VFX is an area that we are seeing too. There are a lot of interesting things, but you need craft skills and facilities … and it's hard to find them. We were looking and we could not find any place to film the things we have ambitions to do. "

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Chris Kingsley noted that the growth in demand for Netflix and Amazon content is an opportunity, but has also presented a challenge in terms of space and facilities. "We are seeing more big players who want to participate in the action," he said. "This is very exciting for the national and global film industries, but it also means that our infrastructure is under increasing pressure."

The Rebellion library covers superheroes, but also plays other genres. Through its acquisition of the Media IT library, it has a file that goes back 130 years and includes "Comic Cuts", which dates back to 1888 and is possibly where the term "comic" originated.

"We have plans, we have many scripts in development, we have many written scripts, we have pilots who are looking for people to work with, we have people who travel to the United States to talk to people who are on the market," said Jason Kingsley.

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