Juanes premieres vallenato La Plata

adminJanuary 11, 2019

The song has the participation of Lalo Ebratt, Sami artist who is part of the artistic group Trapical Minds.

Juanes premiere this friday "Silver", a song loaded with Latin rhythms and influenced by vallenato as with his texts, a story tells Despite.

"Vallenato has always been present in my life. It's a very personal tribute to this part of Colombian folklore, so special to the classic vallenato sound"says the artist paisa on his new single.

"Silver"has the participation of Lalo Ebratt, Sami artist who is part of the artistic group Trapical Minds, a musician where Juanes found a new style.

"I bet on Colombian talent. That's why in the last two videos and my last album I made them here, in my country. From Colombia to the world", he adds. (We recommend you see: Juanes premiere song" Pa dentro ").

As for the video of "La Plata", Juanes is betting on a fun story full of iconic characters representing aspects of Colombian popular culture, shown from a modern perspective, with a colorful aesthetics, with local inspiration, but with a universal message.

The direction of the video, which is quite one tribute to Colombia with its beaches and traditional elements such as Chiva and Antioquia Canteen, it was responsible for Juan Pablo Valencia and was produced by 36 Grados in Medellín, who used places like a vineyard in the same town, as well as the outside of Antioquia's old railway station.

The story tells in a fun way about Despite where a young man crosses, who, besides having a broken heart, has no money, because he spent all his money in a failed serenade to restore his girlfriend. Juanes guides the young man on a tour through various moments where they visit characters such as the actor Paisa David Sanín "El del Carriel" and María Luisa Bula, Señorita Antioquia 2018.

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