Juan Valdez died: Carlos Sánchez dies, who played him for 37 years

adminDecember 29, 2018

(CNN Spanish) – Carlos Sanchez, the man who gave life to Juan Valdez & # 39; for 37 years, died on Saturday, as confirmed by the Twitter account of Café de Colombia.

Juan Valdez was a character created in 1959 to promote coffee growers and Colombian coffee. He is a coffee man, calm, dressed in the typical hat, poncho and career, and is always accompanied by the inseparable "Conchita" his mule. For decades, he has been an ambassador for Colombian coffee in the world.

First he was played by José Duval, a Cuban actor, then by Sanchez for 37 years and since 2006 Carlos Castañeda has taken the role.

From Juan Valdez's official Twitter account, Castañeda sent a condolence message:

Juan Valdez is the "most renowned coffee pictogram in the world," according to Café de Colombia.

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