Juan Gabriel: The Chronology of the Supposed Resurrection of "Divo de Juárez"

adminDecember 29, 2018

Juan Gabriel died August 28, 2016 by a heart attack in California, USA. But since that day, various theories have emerged indicating that the singer is alive and simulated his death to get rid of a plot against him.

The first to say this was Joaquín Muñoz, former leader of El Divo de Juárez & # 39; who said in November in November Juan Gabriel He is alive and still meets with him. He assured himself that he is responsible for paying the interpreter's current expenses for the present.

Also the comment to Joaquín Muñoz that more controversy caused in Mexico and the world was when he was encouraged to give an assumed date for the resurrection of Juan Gabriel after simulating his supposed death in 2016.

"He simulated his death. He is not hidden because he is not an attacker or drug dealer. It is in a house and is quite comfortable. The coming month [diciembre], which happens on the 15th, it will already appear already, "said the colorful character of the" Intruders "program.

After Muño's comments appeared Jorge Carbajal, Mexican journalist who has done several investigations about Juan Gabriel's death. He also revealed to the media that the singer still lives and communicates with him.

The supposed meeting between Carbajal and Juan Gabriel It happened after the earthquake that happened in Mexico in 2017. The journalist took us to a house in Morelos [donde supuestamente estaba escondido Juan Gabriel] a box of non-perishable food and was "shocked" when he saw it alive.

"He is less fat and gray. He has a beard, not like Santa's – what they said he had – but a little expensive beard and wearing a hat. I was shocked and I gave him a box. He told me, "Thank my son. We're talking later," Carbajal said in the "Intruders" program.

But Jorge Carbajal He doesn't think Juan Gabriel is coming back in public, let alone perform a show. According to him, the same singer said that he is "tired" of singing.

"I think he does[[[[Juan Gabriel] Will come back one day, but I don't think in December or January, much less to do a show. I suggested that he come back with a concert, but he told me, "I've been singing for 40 years. I'm tired of it, what I want is to produce," the journalist added.

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Now, for surprising theories Joaquín Muñoz and Jorge Carbajal, the person who was with Juan Gabriel On the day of his death, he went out to speak for the first time on the subject, and his confession disturbed the hypotheses of the aforementioned.

It's about Isaac Ephraim Martinz, friend of Juan Gabriel and as the Mexican press suspected was the last sentimental couple of the singer, who was with El Divo de Juárez & # 39; the exact moment he died.

"I'm sure Juan Gabriel He's not alive, but I think people will believe it. It's good to have that illusion, but you have to accept things as they are, "said Martinez's" Drop the Soup "program.

He also confessed that it was he who warned all the workers in the house Juan Gabriel about the death of songs of musical hits such as "Querida" and "Hasta que te conocí".

"I saw it, I'm the only one who knows how all this was[dødav[lamuertede[dødav[lamuertedeJuan Gabriel](…) I warned all workers. We were about six people in the house, he said.

Two years after Juan Gabriel's death, many social media and their most loyal fans just hope that El Divo de Juárez & # 39; can find eternal rest.

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