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adminDecember 30, 2018

Throughout 2018 Joaquín Muñoz, Former leader of Juan Gabriel has insisted on the exhaustion of the idea that El Divo de Juarez & # 39; faked his death and is now preparing his return to public life, which would prefer to happen, according to Muñoz, next January 7th, his birthday.

As Muñoz, the singer's expianist, Pepe Zavala He also says he believes in the theory that Juan Gabriel is alive since he confirms that during his recent concerts he told them he would soon go to a place far away where they could not find him.

On the other hand, Mexican journalists Jorge Carbajal and Martha Figueroa They have also given their respective testimonies to encourage the theory that the Querida interpreter should be returned.

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Seeking clarity on the subject, the Telemundo program, "Drop the soup", he contacted Ephraim Martinique, of whom it was said, was the last sentimental couple of the singer, saw it by his testimony of the matter.

The young man did not hesitate to say that Juan Gabriel is dead. "You have to accept things as they are… All that circulates is a lie, "he said.

Asked if he was the first person to see the dead singer, Martinez replied affirmatively. "I saw it, I'm the only one who knows how everything was … For me, it's a delicate topic that I've never talked to anyone about, it's a theme for me."

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