Juan Darthés got a job in Brazil. The complainant's defense warns of possible obstacles

adminDecember 26, 2018

Juan Darthés was seen from Argentina at Rosario airport
Juan Darthés was seen from Argentina at Rosario airport

Actor Juan Darthés traveled to Brazil on December 20, after his life struck for the Argentine actress Thelam Fardín was condemned by an alleged sexual abuse that had occurred in Nicaragua 10 years ago, during the trip to the novel "Ugly Duckling" where both were protagonists.

According to Argentine media, the actor got a job in São Paulo, a city where he traveled with direct flights from Rosario. There is a restaurant owned by his cousin, who offered him a hand to "keep his head active" by collaborating in the administration of the premises.

Darthés was not at all welcome in Brazil, where a collection of Brazilian actresses scribbled it and spread messages through social networks with the message "If you mess with one, you mess with all #BastaDeAcoso."

Your stay in Brazil worries

Thelma Fardín's lawyer, Sabrina Cartabia, assured the press that she is extremely concerned about Darthé's trip to Brazil. "We hope it's not a delaying strategy," warned the complainant's lawyer.

For her, it can be "an obstacle to justice" because "all the complaints of sexual violence against women in this country must overcome a path full of obstacles to achieve justice."

"We hope that the tour is not a strategy and that Darthés will adhere to his word to present himself," he continued.

"We studied strategies to avoid it, but when there was no reason in Argentina, we couldn't avoid it. He doesn't commit a crime when he leaves the country," he concluded.

Meanwhile, according to the Argentine media, Darthés' wife, María del Carmen Leone, would have divorced him.

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