Joyce Ilg: ARD star makes frivolous picture and calls himself "Christmas blanket" – hence the result is the result

adminDecember 27, 2018

They are known from ARD and from RTL and as an internet star. But now you know a Cologne all-rounder incredibly free.

Cologne – Joyce Ilg is a real all-rounder. White's white celebrates cracks – she is only 35 years old. She has appeared in various series like "Unter uns" (RTL), "Dahoam is Dahoam" (BR) and "Alarm für Cobra 11" (RTL), and has also worked as a presenter and as a singer. In addition, she confided the disease to her fans.

Joyce Ilg is also known to millions of people by the ARD program "Do you understand fun?", Where she plays departures since 2017.

And: Joyce Ilg is incredibly successful online. Their YouTube channel, which, according to the information that "sketches, street comedy and fun from my life" unites, comes to 1.28 million subscribers. A little more follows 1.36 million people on Instagram.

Joyce Ilg: "How, How, How, the Christmas-How"

And they didn't trust their eyes just before Christmas. Because Joyce Ilg posted there an incredibly sinful image. Velvet pun. "Well, what did she do with? Hoe, hoe, hoe, Christmas garden," writes Joyce Ilg. Explanation: "hoe" in English for "end". For this she stands in a very revealing outfit:

In fact, 35-year-old wanted to draw attention to his new video. But the fans are more likely to look at other things: on her face, which has a bedroom, and where her finger is stuck in her mouth. And of course, on everything below. Because the lace bar brings out the bristle size, she has fish socks and a short dress that is just the killing so you can't see between her legs.

After Joyce Ilg has already called himself a "Christmas blanket", some machos feel like going under the belt in their comments.

Joyce Ilg receives enthusiastic comments – and very intrusive

Many still show their enthusiasm half-discreetly: "Try this kind of gift everyone wants", "Great picture", "Sexy Girl", "Yes, Christmas can also be sexy", "Wow Joyce it's hot", "Ohhja, because you Get Directly Fancy Christmas! And Snap Breath! "Or" It's Still A Big Red Bow missing somewhere "are the more respectful comments.

"How to, the forest fairy" another jumps on the pun. Others are less friendly. "Sharp Device" says – one calls for the first adult movie by Joyce Ilg. And we will not reproduce other things.

One of them failed to look at Joyce Ilg in the foreground. But let his eyes wander. "Is laundry in the background intentional?" Ask him. Maybe Joyce Ilg will clean up before the next hot photo. Let's guess, that was the very first thing you noticed in the picture.

By the way, if you take a closer look, you will notice that the picture has been redecorated to the right. Was there more laundry again?

Vanessa Mai was recently seen under her short dress. And when "do you understand fun?" It was touching because Beatrice Egli's top was suddenly transparent.


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