Joshua Jackson almost joined "Gray & # 39; s Anatomy & # 39; s as a love interest for a beloved character

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The turn of a Gray Sloan Memorial document ended before he even put on his uniforms. The most devoted fans can remember that ABC chose Joshua Jackson in Grey's Anatomy in 2007, but due to the strike of Writers Guild of America that year, their new concert never came to fruition. If you are among the Flock the spectators who were not aware, or simply forgot this part of the triviality, however, prepare themselves so that their mind is completely doubled: the character of Jackson was supposed to be the love interest of Dr. Cristina Yang of Sandra Oh , as previously reported television guide.

That's right, the actor who once won hearts like Pacey Witter in The WB's iconic teen drama series the torrent of Dawson In the late 90s and early 2000s, he was almost the person of Cristina. (Well, after Meredith, of course). While it's not clear whether he was supposed to play the role of Dr. Owen Hunt, which actor Kevin McKidd now plays, the moment certainly would have made sense. After all, television guide She said Jackson was supposed to participate in the medical drama ABC in Season 4, the same season that McKidd began playing the trauma surgeon and Cristina's eventual husband. Seriously, how different would the show have been?


And it was very close to happen, too. As Jackson explained to the online publication Blast Magazine in 2009: "You know, the day we should start filming was the day the writer's strike began."

Since that strike lasted 100 days, when Jackson reached an agreement, Jackson was no longer available for Flock, already committed to playing the lead role of Peter Bishop in the science fiction series created by JJ Abrams on Fox Stripe, by television guide.

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Still, everything seemed to work, when Jackson went on to star Stripe For five seasons before its end of the 2013 series. Not to mention that, assuming he had played the role of Owen, he was spared a painful divorce on the screen with Cristina, as well as the now impending drama about Owen upon discovering he is the father of Teddy's baby, after his reconciliation with Amelia.

That does not mean that Jackson's later roles have not been full of drama in their own right. More recently, the Canadian-American actor has appeared as Cole Lockhart in the Showtime drama. The issue.

Although Cristina is no longer in Flock, with Sandra Oh leaving the program in 2014, if Jackson ever decided to retire at Gray Sloan Memorial, he may Have a little free time in the foreseeable future. Citing "a source close to production" Entertainment Weekly reported last month that Jackson can not go back to The issue For his fifth and last season. (Showtime decreased EWRequest for comments on the news of the possible departure of Jackson.)

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Neither would be the only star of another popular television series to join the cast. As confirmed by People October 10th, How I found your motherJosh Radnor will interpret Meredith's love interest in Flock this season. The actor, who played Ted Mosby in the CBS comedy from 2005 to 2014, has a blind date with Dr. Gray in the next episode on Thursday, October 11, Flock.

While Jackson's casting is ancient history at this point, the next time you're watching Flock, just try not to think about what could have been for him and Cristina.

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