Josh Chan of the crazy ex girlfriend is something worse

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It may have been the original object of Rebecca Bunch's affections, but it is by far the least interesting of her love interests.

The premiere of season 4 of Ex crazy girlfriend she illuminated many things about her characters, including Rebecca's forgetfulness of her privilege, Nathaniel's intensity and her lack of sensitivity to Rebecca's mental health problems and even the perfect comic rhythm of Valencia.

Unfortunately, it was also a reminder that Josh Chan is still an idiot loser with no career prospects who lives with his best friend's mother. Thanks to the gods rom-com that Rebecca finally realized how useless Josh was and became better boys.

Let's put Rebecca's love interests in order through more than three seasons of Ex crazy girlfriend:

1.) Nathaniel, who became a better person simply because of his feelings for Rebecca and who has received the most emotional depth of any of his possible beaus.

2.) Greg, an overly negative alcoholic who was at least always good with Rebecca and was such a good lover that he gave her an ITU (that's how it works, right?). Side note: that this is Rebecca's second healthiest relationship in this program is pretty depressing.

3.) That guy Rebecca got hooked on at the premiere that appeared again on "We Tapped That Ass."

4.) Josh Chan

5.) Robert, the Harvard professor with whom Rebecca had an affair and whose department tried to burn down, led him to his first acknowledgment of his mental health problems.

6.) Trent, the man who stalked Rebecca, blackmailed her and forced her to push him from the ceiling because it was threatening Nathaniel's life.

That's right: Josh is a bit ahead of Rebecca's most unhealthy relationship and the man who actively terrorized her. That may sound hard, since Josh Chan is not exactly a bad person. And Vincent Rodriguez III is a decent actor who has been doing everything possible to add layers to a character at surface level since the first days of the program.

The best thing about Josh is a human puppy: fun, loving and loyal. It made sense in Ex crazy girlfriendIn the first seasons, Rebecca would be attracted to someone who represents the sunniest and simplest side of life she craved.

But now Rebecca has gone through many emotional ups and downs and has come out on the other side as a more mature and balanced person. That's why her relationship with Nathaniel makes more sense at this point in the series than trying to force sparks between her and Josh again. Nathaniel is more in tune with his emotional wavelength than Josh could ever be.

It reinforces how desperate he was at the premiere of season 4 of the show, in which he spent the whole episode blaming his stupidity and self-absorption on some kind of "mess" he must be suffering. All the misfortunes that have befallen him can not be his fault, so it must be due to a ghost illness that he has not been aware of all his life.

It is clear from this story that Josh has not learned anything after all this time. While Rebecca has shown a real and tangible growth of the character throughout Ex crazy girlfriendRun, Josh has remained quiet and in many respects has returned to the child for whom Rebecca fell in love so many years ago. That child is now an adult who has an idea of ​​how to function in modern society.

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To his credit, Josh has proven to be more than an expert in the musical numbers of the program. He is a talented dancer, with his most impressive performance when he and Valencia broke their old routine that they called "The Royal".

Josh certainly has a place in this program, but it is not a love interest for someone who wants to have a partner who can take seriously professionally or personally.

Sorry friend: you stopped being super silly a long time ago. Now it's just sad.


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