José Eduardo Moniz has created a petition to limit TPC

adminDecember 29, 2018

José Eduardo Moniz has made an online petition requesting smaller lessons (TPC) for children between the ages of six and 16.

"This petition therefore proposes to regulate homework by law to recognize children's right to leisure and to ensure that the tasks they perform at school respect the time and needs of students" Read the petition.

The purpose of the journalist's proposal is that Parliament should give children more time to play and participate "in social and family life", which Moniz considers "central to development" [das crianças] and process of socialization ".

"Essentially, what is required is a reflection on the role of the school in the light of developments that modern societies are experiencing, and the challenges the new generations face in increasingly competitive contexts affecting family structures and balance a situation that requires great flexibility and immense adaptability," journalist on Facebook.

José Eduardo Moniz was inspired by an initiative approved by the Valencian Community Government, effective from this week, indicating that children between the ages of 6 and 16 must do most of the school work during school time.

The petition launched this Friday has so far with 193 signatures.

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