Jorge's vicious copy of the baptism of Andrea Băls future daughter | The mouth, It's from us

adminDecember 29, 2018

Last year, in April, Andreea Jorge kicked off his girlfriend's baptism because he had started making a LIVE on Facebook, and the soloist wanted a lovely but discreet party away from the press and fans' eyes. Thus, he joked more cruelly, more seriously, Jorge at a time to shoot there.

"Going out of the hall, I'll get it. Andreea Balan took me, I'm not allowed to shoot. Come on, in the lobby (no – I asked Andrei Ştefanescu, from White Black) that I wouldn't stay here. Andreea Balan , "explained Jorge.

Now, when the singer is to become a mother for the second time, calls have already been made about baptism. Taking advantage of the moment when the subject was attached to happen after the upbringing of Andrew's future daughter, Jorge did not detain him and gave him a replay for the singer, for two years, telling her she did not forgive or forgive, the incident. More cruelly, more seriously, the artist said he would not be present anymore, not because he would not give money, as the blonde had said, but because Andreea had "beaten" her last time.

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