Jorge committed GRAV to the baptism of Andreea Balan's future daughter

adminDecember 29, 2018

Jorge still has a memory of last year's April event when Andreea kicked him out of his child's baptism because he wanted to make a LIVE movie on Facebook, in connection with the artist saying he wanted a discreet party.

Andreea Bălan invited Jorge to the hall to shoot there. "Going out of the hall, I'll get it. Andreea Balan took me, I'm not allowed to shoot. Come on, in the hall (n.r. – He told Andrei Ştefanescu, from White Black, that I wouldn't stay here. Andreea Bălan has divorced me, "Jorge explained

Two years after the incident, Jorge gave her a sour answer to the singer when she discussed the baptismal party for her future daughter. He told her he would not be present or give money because Andreea "snatched" his last time.

What not to eat on New Year's Eve! Bring big GHINION! Few Romans know it's FORWARD!

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