Jonny Fairplay on what AJ styles said about Brock Reading for their 2017 WWE Survivor Series Match

adminNovember 30, 2018

Former Survivor Icon and TNA star Jonny Fairplay were recently a guest at Pancakes and Powerslams Show. Among the different topics that were discussed were The survival series match last year between Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles. The match was scheduled to happen again this year, but Daniel Bryan won the WWE Championship from Styles on the go-home SmackDown Live just before pay-per-view, which changed the match to Lesnar vs. Bryan.

As fans experienced during the match between Lesnar and Bryan, along with the majority of Lesnar matches, the strings of suplexes can look very dangerous when executed on their opponents. However, according to what styles told Fairplay, it looks worse than it feels.

"I saw AJ [Styles] almost a year ago, Fairplay said. "They did the great Starrcade event in Greensboro last year, and it was right after the Survivor Series, [and] I was just like, you know, "Hello, I do not like you to be gross up by Brock [Lesnar]. & # 39; And he goes, "It's a night out. Brock's stuff looks good, it does not hurt. [It’s] great! & # 39; "

Fairplay and Styles have a history together in the pro wrestling business, as they were in a feast in early 2004. Fairplay took Lex Lexer himself in the episode February 25, 2004, and costs Styles a battle against Abyss. As a result of victory, Abyss became the sole owner of the NWA Tag Team Championships.

As for Lesnar, Fairplay believes that he has the "best faces in the history of professional wrestling."

"I think when he's happy, you look happy. When he's angry, you're looking mad. When he's stunned, you're stunned," said Fairplay. "I just think he says so much with his face that if you're against Brock Lesnar, it's not as if you have to make 800 moves in your game. You can honestly have a match of 10 more moves in total and that could be a 15-minute match. "

Fairplay added that Styles told him he loved his fight against Lesnar on the Survivor Series, and he "[wishes] He could crush Brock a hundred more times. "

You can hear the whole interview below.

Source: Pancakes and Powerslams

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