Jonah Hill and Michael Cera Remember Weird Superbad Poster in Spain

adminJanuary 8, 2019

The movie was featured with "Super Horny", and the poster featured the duo as drooling between a pair of legs.

It has been over a decade since the release of "Superbad", a movie that became an unexpected phenomenon and changed the career ahead and behind the camera. But for all the reasons it's still favorite in English-speaking countries, the movie's two stars still remember a certain piece of bizarreness from their international press tour. On the latest episode of "The A24 Podcast", Jonah Hill and Michael Cera met one-on-one conversations by reliving a few memories of the 2007 global journey. They remembered seeing a strange poster on their trip through Spain.

"They hired a very famous actress to be Emma's voice," Hill said. "And so was her poster, not Emma … photoshopped in. And then between my legs were me, Michael and Chris, looking like."

"Drooling," added Cera. "And it was called" Super Horny. ""

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The 45-minute conversation extends beyond the film that launched them both to fame, but affects how it felt to be treated differently after starring in a mega-hit. The two also talk about the specific challenges of the stage play and Cera's evolving career in Broadway games. (For those interested in the favorite drink of living legend Elaine May, this podcast responds as well.)

Hill also shared a wonderful story of crossing paths with Prince on an Oscar's sequel.

"I met him and he wore a crazy Prince outfit, like a cool Prince outfit. We said some words, and he said," Hey. Have fun. Welcome to my house, "Hill said." Then he excused himself and literally 20 seconds later, I turned and he talked to someone else, but he has a completely different outfit. I will never forget it. He had somehow, as in the Dave Chappelle show version of Prince, he literally made an outfit change that felt like I must have been – at the top – 45 seconds. "

You can listen to the entire episode (including shipments from Cera's ongoing pushup games with the actor Kieran Culkin) below:

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