Jon Favreau mocks his Star Wars television series with an alarming set photo

adminOctober 14, 2018


It's time to pack, my fellow Star Wars fans. The atrocious (it's amazing) Special holiday It is officially canon.

Jon Favreau invited Instagram followers to a visual nugget tied to his next television series, The Mandalorian. You can look at the picture and think, "So what, it's just a Star Wars blaster, right?"

Right. And wrong This image contains crowds. Look at it and cry, faithful to the war of the galaxies.

That's not any blaster, you see. That blaster contains crowds. Carry a amazing resemblance to the animated version of the famous bounty hunter that takes in the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, an assault on television for the senses driven by a hilariously bad script and an excessive holiday scandal.

the Special holiday live thanks to the magic of the internet (just search it on Google, friends). But you can see the blaster right here. Favreau's is much more sophisticated and detailed, but it is clearly a spiritual successor to what is seen below.

Now of course, the "canon" is a bit too much. It's just a blaster with great design, and Favreau, and the many creators he's working with, should get the creative license to draw visual elements from the Star Wars past and imbue them with a new meaning. That is the cornerstone of what makes the larger fictional universe so successful, frankly.

But it's still surprising for a Star Wars fan to see this relic of the Special holiday surface in this way. Or, really, any serious reference to it at all in modern culture. It was a bad time, friends.

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