Joker Movie Extras supposedly move between the wagons of the train after being stuck in the subway for hours

adminOctober 10, 2018

Filmmaking is supposed to be glamorous, but apparently the shooting of the new Joker movie has been a little difficult. It seems that a group of extra people who were filming a scene in a subway car recently found themselves stuck in the car for three hours, which resulted in an unknown number of them forced to urinate on the subway tracks when they were not allowed go to the bathroom. .

It is unclear exactly what happened, which caused these extras to get stuck in the subway car and could not get out. The revelation of what happened came after a complaint was filed with the Screen Actors Guild, which requires extras to get a break every two hours, and the fact that they could not leave the subway car resulted in a violation. The incident is now being investigated by SAG and, according to TMZ, Warner Bros. is also investigating what happened.

Anything can happen on a set of film and that can include excessive delays, but a situation that leaves people trapped in a subway car and urinating between the wagons seems a bit extreme. The fact that they were apparently also "locked" in a subway car also takes things to another level. Being stuck in the subway is not fun, even if you go somewhere you want to go, which clearly was not the case here.

According to the report, it seems that this scene only involved extras, no mention is made of Joaquin Phoenix or other actors involved. It was probably being done to get images of people in a subway as part of a larger sequence that will be edited together. It seems that this may have been just an attempt to get some quick shots that took a lot longer than expected. It is possible that the production did not want to let the extras break, so they would not have to dispute all together once the filming was ready, but things were delayed and delayed more than expected.

While delays are inevitable, if things really got to the point where people had to break free on the subway tracks, things were clearly going too far. Of course, if people were really locked in subway cars, as the report says, then it seems that things happened way before that, as it could be a serious safety hazard, not just a sanitation problem.

Normally, extras only appear and do a job and get paid a little for being in a movie. It's simple and easy and then everyone goes ahead. Unfortunately, being an extra in the new Joker movie was apparently not as much fun as the name implied. We will have to wait and see if something comes out of the investigations or if we are ever given an explanation of what caused such a complicated situation.

Of course, the Joker himself would probably find this story hilarious, so it may not be so surprising that such a situation has occurred in this particular movie.

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