Jojo makes steaks for Paul Ipate! How to overcome the two difficult moments

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Catalina and Paul form a couple from 2014, but do not have marriage plans. Invited to the Teo Show, the actor revealed why she would not come to the altar the second time. "I didn't marry anymore. I married once. That was enough. I said if it went the first time it went, try this time differently," Jojo says.

Whoever makes their lives more beautiful for the two actors and brings the smile to their lips every time is their daughter, Zora. One might say they found the secret to a solid band and the way to keep the routine away.

They accepted the Asia Express challenge

Recently, the two have decided to test their limits by participating in the Asia Express competition, a competition where competitors have to deal with just one euro a day, and find accommodation for the locals more or less willing to open the door to foreigners.

The evidence they went through was somewhat difficult, Paul told us that the experience in India was a lot stronger than expected. The actor lost some pounds during filming, because he couldn't get involved with spicy foods and some of the spices used by the locals. "Since I came to Asia Express, I only eat rice. That's all I can eat, because the rest of the dishes served by the locals are very, very fast and with many spices. We tried fruit ourselves, but even bananas have a weird sour taste here, different from the one we are used to. So far I have lost … two holes on my belt. This is my way of weighing, "Paul said.

Jojo deceived the secret of his relationship

Catalina revealed, through a sensitive text, her feelings about her four-year-old girlfriend. She admitted that the differences between them contribute to the stability of the couple, and gives a special trip to the love story that binds them. The message is written in a shocked note, Jojo confirms that he lets Paul reveal in turn what wonderful being he has with him every day.

"When I said I would go with you to the end of the world, I did not exaggerate a second. Yes, sometimes I am also annoying and obsessed with details, and you too grumpy, but it does not change our history. Make it more interesting. Because you are the most generous man I know, the most loving and attentive and a great dad, and I … I let you fill in how wonderful it is! I love you, Paul Ipate, up to heaven and all heaven I read about. ## catalinasipaulvlog #mamisitatidelaalaz #catalinagoestithailand, "said Jojo. Along with the message, Jojo loaded a picture of her on a sunny Thailand beach.

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