Johnny used a "secret code" to talk to David Hallyday …

adminNovember 30, 2018

During his lifetime, Johnny Hallyday used a secret code when he wrote to his son, David. To confirm his text, he began the message with the word "son", and his eldest knew from the beginning that he had to do with his father. A rumor that has just been released in an upcoming documentary on NRJ12, and found a resonance on the C8.

Laeticia "often sticks Johnny's phone"

"I confirm it is true they had a secret code" assured Bernard Montiel, on November 29, did not contact me on my post. The chronicle therefore explained, "Out of respect for all, I did not give this very private detail, very private, because he would not talk about it in" Seven to Eight ".

She added, "Laeticia Hallyday had an annoying habit of looking at someone else's phones, and since she often stuck Johnny's phone, she could have received a text message from Laura or David and delete it, why not?"

"David kept this modesty"

At the time, Attorney Roland Perez was appointed with Bernard Montiel. He told the outlet of Laeticia Hallyday: "There are still elements that do not wonder, for example, we know that Johnny no longer sang" Laura "or" Blood for Blood "on stage." And yet he said, in the face of these wickedness, "David kept this modesty about not revealing anything, we saw this discretion."

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