Johnny Hallyday trial, why royalties are an invaluable "war tax"

adminNovember 26, 2018

This Tuesday, November 27th, a new hearing on the legacy of Johnny Hallyday will be held in Paris. Laura Smet and David Hallyday claim that they are freezing of royalties by their father. A real war tax that almost escaped them …

Older conflicts continue in the Hallyday clan… this Tuesday, November 27th, The lawyers of Laura Smet and David Hallyday meet in Paris Court to ask 75% freezes of father's royalties. And if, as the journalist Lena Luteaud says in Le Figaro, the singer's two oldest claims just freeze at 75% of this sum because it's the proportion that would have been right to the four kids of the rocker (David, Laura, Jade and Joy) if Johnny Hallyday decided not to disinfect them.

It must be said that these royalties are an important human of the legacy of Johnny Hallyday. This is the proportion of artists awarded by the music industry for the sale and utilization of their works and their derivatives. This is the money that the record companies pay to Johnny Hallyday as an interpreter or his followers in the utilization of his work. As far as the singer is concerned, they are of the order of three: Sony, Universal and Warner. And for the latter who produced the last albums of the star, including My country is love, the royalties negotiated by Johnny were well above average practiced. In fact, according to Lena Lutaud, it would be around 25%. So just with the phenomenal success of Johnny Hallyda's posthumous album as sold more than a million copies, Laeticia Hallyday, which is currently the only heir to Johnny, is guaranteed to receive 2.5 million euros.

It is still unclear whether French justice will give rise to Laura Smet and David Hallyday, who have decided to go to court in case of emergency, that is, they will quickly freeze these assets, but they have almost escaped them. In fact, when Laura and her lawyers decided to launch a lawsuit to challenge Johnny Hallyda's legacy last year, they failed to include royalties in the list of assets to freeze, as was the case for the copyright of Johnny, his property Marnes-la-Coquette or half of the villa in St. Barth.

This is The procedure is launched in all discretion this summer by Laeticia Hallyday and leads off Johnny Hallydays American Confidence who issued this new request from lawyers Laura and David. In a document obtained by Le Figaro, the widow of the rocker asking the US right of permission to include in this trust 17 properties belonging to the youth idol. This includes Harley Davidson motorcycles, vintage cars (a Bentley, a Lamborghini, a Cobra), but also these famous royalties. If American justice accepts this request, all of these items will be out of reach of the two elders. The US hearing is scheduled for January 22, 2019.

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