John Wesley Shipp in flash costume of the 90s

adminOctober 23, 2018

Oliver Queen and Barry Allen changing costumes and (presumably) the powers are not the only weird thing we'll see at the Arrowverse junction this year.

The annual Arrowverse crossover events between The flash arrow Y Supergirl They have been extremely popular among fans since they have grown in scope every year. That is changing this fall as Legends of tomorrow it stays out (although it has something special planned as a meta-style response), but with the return of Superman, Batwoman's debut and the title of "Elseworlds", the anticipation was already quite high.

It is possible that Stephen Amell has discovered a way to fan the flames of the fans even more. We already knew that we would see Amell as Flash and Grant Gustin as Green Arrow in "Elseworlds" thanks to the crossing poster, part of which can be seen above.

But they're also going to have company in the form of another speedster, one that should be familiar to viewers of all ages. Here is the photo of "Elseworlds" that Amell tweeted today that already has Twitter in a tizzy:

That is, in fact, John Wesley Shipp in his costume from the 1990-91 version of The flash. It's amazing to see that costume again, but it raises some big questions about what's going on at the junction.

First possibility: it's simply that Shipp reprises his role as Jay Garrick, Arrowverse's Earth-2 Flash, and he either adopted that demand in a callback to the previous television series. Option 2: Any tricks in the timeline that are responsible for the Oliver / Barry exchange have also affected Jay's suit.

Then there is the third and possibly the most exciting alternative, which is that this somehow is The 1990 Barry Allen. Certainly, it is not impossible given that the Arrowverse establishes an infinite number of alternative Earths, as well as the concept of "Elseworlds", which in the comics means stories of similar worlds that are different from the conventional DC universe in only one or two important ways .

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Regardless of the reason, the image makes the fans speak as much as they did during the preparation of the crossover. "Elseworlds" starts on Sunday, December 9 The flash, continues in Arrow on December 9 and concludes Supergirl 10th of December.

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