John Travolta turns his head for the first time

adminJanuary 9, 2019

John Travolta has ushered in the new year – not with Toupet as usual, but bald. On Instagram, the "Grease" star has shown "topless" for the first time.

Since "Fat" his fans love not only his movements but also his full, thick hair. The gelled quill inspired spectators in 1978 almost as much as his legendary hip swing. No wonder the actor wanted to stick to his manners.

The fear of the bald head

But with age, hair became thinner and thinner. For the Hollywood star difficult to cope with. The actor apparently owns 100 wigs in all shapes and colors that conceal the slow balding head.

That John Travolta is afraid of a shell, he showed himself under the film "From Paris With Love". In the action movie, he played the ruthless CIA agent Charlie Wax, a man with beard, leather jacket, earring and a mirror smooth skull. But before the actor had his head shaved, he asked for a photo montage that showed him without hair. Only then did he agree and presented himself in one of the coolest roles in his career.

Now, nine years later, John Travolta again shows "topless". On Instagram, 64-year-old shared a picture of himself and his 18-year-old daughter Ella Bleu. He wrote: "I hope everyone started well into the new year"

His fans are absolutely thrilled. "The view is good for you," said a trailer on the hairstyle. "He looks as good as he has never done," wrote another. A successor even said, "Please be bald."

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