John Oliver of HBO criticizes WWE's decision to continue the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia

adminOctober 29, 2018

Last week tonight with John Oliver He broadcast a new episode on HBO on Sunday night, and host John Oliver had some harsh words for WWE and his decision to continue with the next Jewel of the crown event in Saudi Arabia.

Oliver had previously discussed the 10-year WWE trade agreement with the Saudi General Sports Authority on the October 14 episode, but had a follow-up segment on Sunday after WWE officials announced on Thursday that they would celebrate. the November 2 event in Riyadh as planned despite the alleged assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi agents in early October.

Oliver began recapitulating the deal as well as the The largest Royal Rumble back in April, complete with Titus O & # 39; Neil's infamous slide under the ring when he accidentally tripped during the main event.

"Look, I just do not think there's a better encapsulation of the WWE's relationship with Saudi Arabia than a fighter who runs into Saudi princes before they fall flat on their faces," joked Oliver.

Then he turned his attention to Jewel of the crown, mentioning subjects like John Cena, that supposedly has retired of the event and the members of the base of followers are vocally against the agreement with the country in general. Oliver then played a clip of The Undertaker's promotion during SmackDown 1000 where most of the crowd started booing once "The Deadman" was mentioned Jewel of the crown.

"I think the WWE itself has just changed," Oliver said. "You know how clear, deeply bad it has to be for wrestling fans to boo one wrestling event at a wrestling event? That's the kind of crowd reaction you'd expect if Beck won the Championship. of the WWE. "

Oliver then mentioned how the WWE publicity for the event felt "a bit deaf" due to the recent controversy, citing an Instagram ad that had "DX" spray painted in an urn with the title "Respect is out of the window in #WWECrownJewel. "

"It's not going to be easy for WWE to thread the needle into this," Oliver said. "They are driving this event despite the serious concerns of some of their own fighters and their own fan base."

The segment closed with a video of exaggerated parody for the show, which mocked the fighters who had been excluded from the event, the informed absence of Cena and the Brothers of Destruction using death in many of their promotions.

Jewel of the crown is scheduled to start at 12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Friday in the WWE network.

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