John Oliver criticizes WWE for agreement with Saudi Arabia

adminOctober 15, 2018


John Oliver borrowed some moves from the WWE playbook to get the organization to deal with his close relationship with Saudi Arabia in Sunday's episode Last week tonight.

Oliver said that President Donald Trump and his representatives have been too comfortable with Saudi Arabia, whose government is headed by Prince Mohammed bin Salman, also known as MBS. "The intention of Trump & # 39; bromance & # 39; with [bin Salman] It's bad news, because when you do not set limits on an oppressive regime, you will always ask yourself: "How much can we do here? & # 39; And, as we saw this week, the answer could be: pretty much nothing, "said Oliver, referring to the disappearance of Washington. Submit Columnist Jamal Khashoggi, a vocal critic of the Saudi government who appears to have entered the kingdom's consulate in Turkey and never emerged.

Oliver compared the Saudi prince's relationship with Trump to a babysitter with a difficult-to-handle child, comparing cash inflows with the US. UU With a young caretaker who is in charge of the Twizzlers' charges. "Oh, I thought this was going to be difficult, but if all you want is Twizzlers, I have a lot of them, here, take everything you want and close the fire," joked Oliver.

However, according to Oliver, MBS is not only interested in taking business to the kingdom. Oliver noted that "MBS's public relations drive is not just to attract business, it's also to change the world's perception of Saudi Arabia." To that end, he secured a 10-year contract with one of the most popular franchises and more Americans that exist: World Wresting Entertainment, or WWE. "

According to Oliver, the WWE held its first event in Saudi Arabia in April, and audiences around the world were sent to wall-to-wall propaganda about the new Saudi Arabia, which includes videos showing women driving, men dancing and destinations tourist. "Beauty shots, as well as constant congratulations during the transmission".

Oliver played clips from the broadcast, which showed commentators praising the country and superstar John Cena thanking the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At the end of the clip, Oliver added the prick: "Wow, it seems that the WWE is as openly pro-Saudi as it is latently homoerotic, that is, intensely".

WWE responded to criticism of its ties to the kingdom in a concise reading: "We are currently monitoring the situation," reports CBS Sports.


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