John Legend and Rita Ora Lip-Sync at the Macy's Day of Thanksgiving Parade? Its performance caused a stir

adminNovember 23, 2018

The parades should be fun. Unfortunately, the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade attracted much criticism and even some questions. Were the lips of John Legend and Rita Ora in their Macy's Day of Thanksgiving parade? Ora's performance caused a stir because fans suspected he was synchronizing his lips, but Legend launched himself to defend the fellow singer via Twitter, saying that he was also synchronizing his lips during his performance.

Following the performance, Macy's tweeted an explanation. From the official account of the store. The tweet read,

"During today's NBC broadcast of #MacysParade, several recording artists experienced technical difficulties that negatively affected their performance, and we apologize and wish that fans know that these problems were beyond the artist's control."

The legend published a more detailed explanation. About the snafu lip sync on your own Twitter account. The Grammy winner explained,

"Fun fact: we all have to synchronize the lips in this parade because the floats do not have the ability to handle the sound requirements for a live performance, I hope you enjoyed it anyway. voices are 100% live! "

In fact, that makes a lot of sense. How is it supposed to have a sound system consisting of a float that moves in an open space with a ton of people? It is strange that these technical difficulties occur so often, but the fans still flip it out when they see flagrant lip sync.

Ora responded to the tweet. from Macy & # 39; s saying: "Thanks and I appreciate the honesty and I hope everyone has a great time!" Everyone did it. Even so, the "problem" of lip syncing gives everyone something to talk about instead of an uncomfortable chat with very distant family members.

Many people hate lip-syncing assuming that artists are not singing. But nevertheless, Legend explained in another tweet that he was actually playing the notes, even though no one could hear him act.

The truth is that popular artists have always been singing. At least for the most part. Sometimes it is simply not possible for them to sing live due to the logistics of the event. It does not mean that they are not able to sing and that their talent does not diminish.

Everyone knows that John Legend is a phenomenal singer. He has even struggled to sing live during events where it is not the norm. The legend revealed that he sang live. during an appearance of Soul Train, although other artists of the time did do not do that in the program.

Pray also led to Twitter having highly criticized parade performances. She agreed with Legend's tweet. about the sound requirements in parade floats. She also insisted, "All my shows are 100 percent live and always have been!"

Ora insisted that lip synchronization. It is not at all a part of your normal routine in response to a fan.

Although Ora, Legend and Macy's had plausible explanations for less than perfect performances, they had many fans who defended them on social media. Look, there are more than just enemies on Twitter!

A fan said the obvious through tweet. John Legend has a lot of talent. Why hate him for something that is out of his control.

No one with a sense of hearing can deny the signature abilities of the Legend. This should really be a problem. One of his admirers pointed out. that "literally everyone synchronizes the lips". They Yes. Or at least many people do, especially when they have big outdoor events like this.

One person at least he tried to find humor In the warm scandal. Why not just make a joke instead of being cruel to this?

John Legend can sing. Rita Ora can sing. Both are very capable interpreters. This is not your problem. It's a parade problem and we can leave it like that and move on. Thank you for giving us something to talk about.

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