John Krasinski and Jimmy Kimmel restarted their war of jokes for years

adminOctober 18, 2018

We all know about Matt Damon Y Jimmy KimmelIt is a false dispute. But Damon is not the only actor in the Boston area in an ongoing battle with the host of the night.

Native Newton John Krasinski I went through the Kimmel show on Tuesday and took a moment to summarize the absurd and growing joke war in which the duo has been involved since 2011.

Krasinski said that the jokes began when the two lived facing each other, showing photos and clips of various decorations, usually with Christmas themes, which were left in each other's houses. The gag peaked in 2015 when Krasinski decorated Kimmel's office as a winter wonderland with a live reindeer, and Kimmel retaliated by throwing the actor's eggnog.

With Kimmel filming a week of shows in New York City instead of Los Angeles, Krasinski responded to the fire by decorating Kimmel's Airbnb.

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In a video of the house, you can see a sign that says: "Welcome Jimmy Kimmel, who is renting this house!" Along with a choir singing gospel, inflatable decorations, a signal marker and a road construction sign that invite people to come and say hello

"What you can not see, there are 150 people lined up to take this tour of your house," Krasinski told the Brooklyn audience. "As soon as the chorus ends, everyone will come in. So I would say, boys, if you are in Brooklyn, as you are already doing, have your children cheat or treat you soon, it's Park Slope, Brooklyn, you will see it. "

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