John Carpenter has tough words for Dwayne Johnson's big problem in Little China

adminOctober 12, 2018

In the last 40 years, John Carpenter has seen many of his films get sequels and remakes without his participation, and many of them turned out badly. Not only are all the unfortunate Hallowe'en The follow-ups, and the heavy CGI. The thing prequel, but re-dos useless as Assault in the precinct 13 Y The fog Nor did he do anything to build on the originals. As expected, this is not exactly a legacy that Carpenter loves, which largely explains why he had this to say about the next Big problem in small China set of features to star Dwayne Johnson:

Along with producer Jason Blum, John Carpenter participated in roundtable interviews last month in the promotion of the new Hallowe'en – and it was during one of these sittings that I asked about the development Big problem in small China continuation. Specifically, I asked the filmmakers what they think about the current trend towards tracking through remakes, citing Johnson's movie as an example, and the horror legend made it clear that he does not think much about the next project.

It was in 2015 when Dwayne Johnson joined the star for the first time in a new Big problem in small China, although at that time it was said that the movie was going to be a new version. It was a controversial story at the time that caused some reaction from the fans, but Johnson himself tried to calm people by saying that moves were being made to involve John Carpenter. According to what Carpenter told a small group of reporters and me in September, it seems that they could never connect.

The new Big problem in small China At the moment, it's still a kind of backburner project, with Dwayne Johnson doing a million and more things, but producer Hiram Garcia confirmed at the end of August that the film is moving forward and is no longer a remake. It will be a story that returns the audience to the world of the original and "will continue the story". Exactly what it means, given the conclusive ending of the John Carpenter film, is not entirely clear.

With this chosen avenue, one has to wonder exactly how Dwayne Johnson and company will teach the public about the original. Big problem in small China, because John Carpenter is 100% right: that movie was not a hit when it premiered in 1986. Since then it has acquired cult status, but it is also a title that opened at number 12 at the box office and only did. $ 11 million nationally (approximately equal to $ 24 million in 2018 when adjusted for inflation). The approach did not work for Blade Runner 2049, so I hope there is a strategy in play.

With Hobbs and Shaw, Jumanji 3, John Henry and the statesmen, and more projects that are currently populating Dwayne Johnson's whiteboard, it is not entirely clear when it will move to Big problem in small China, but we will make sure to keep it updated with the latest details. For now, with John Carpenter's thoughts in mind, how do you feel about the project in development? Answer our survey, and leave your comments below.

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