JoeyStarr takes over Nagui live at France Inter

adminNovember 28, 2018

MEDIA – As part of the promotion of the documentary "The Road of Thirst" – which follows JoeyStarr in the Caribbean to track the history of the Romans – Nagui received the rapper in his show "The Original Band", sent to France Inter this 27th of November. If the interview went well, it was almost done when one wanted to stay in the theme of the series, the host wanted to illustrate the report from JoeyStarr's room …

If Nagui points out that the rapper has good alcohol in the documentary, he points out that in life it is obviously another story. In an adventurous mood, he begins to tell a former anecdote, which took place on the set of the musical program "Taratata".

"I remember a scene that shocked us all, with a girl who is still working on" Taratata " […] "The team took your room from the box and you were very upset for not having your room …"

A rather dangerous remark when we know the unpredictability of JoeyStarr, who has failed to respond.

"Oh no, I think you're talking. I can be very angry with things, but hey, I do not force people, that's my problem, I think I'll be very upset about something else in my opinion."

"It was your team who did it," says Nagui. To which actor retorts "Ok, well, my team, I have them all since [rires]".

If the facilitator tries to calm the exchange by justifying the benefit of his comment ("It's knowing what alcohol you have just: happy, nervous, disinhibiting?") Challenged by half of the duo NTM, he's finally coming back to finish the story : "Your team was not cool because …". "It's me or those who are not cool, you know," JoeyStarr said quickly. "I think you're talking snap."

"No, unfortunately, there was too much stuff, the poor girl had been accused …" said Nagui again before being interrupted by JoeyStarr, concluding: "The day you told me crazy while we were on a teleton, I sent Do not put my hand in my mouth, as I have fun alcohol. "

More fear than harm to the two men who chose to follow a lighter note.

Earlier in the show, JoeyStarr said "do not do anything in moderation". Nagui for sure, will remember it.

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