João speaks in return of SIC – A Television

adminJanuary 9, 2019

João so, on January 3, was published in the official program of the SIC program, Married at First Sight, a conversation that the participant says is private.

After responding through the Instagram to conveying the images, it is on its side to talk to the magazine Mariana this week. In the interview, John claimed retribution of SIC, since he refused to participate in the program late in the afternoon, The Love Cart.

"It was revenge because I was the only competitor who refused to enter The Love Cart. I never needed this for anything, I have a company that for three years comes from three million euros and they were upset, he told the magazine.

In addition to this situation, where it is recalled, the SIC issued a conversation in which João boasts the amorous conquests he had, the fiance tells a more lively discussion that he had with Sonia in the final program when he confronted the marriage request It had been done , that it still led her to leave the room where the footage took place, but that it did not happen because he was considering, "it was not important to be talked."

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