JLo remains the "Bronx girl" despite living in Los Angeles entertainment

adminJanuary 9, 2019

It may be that more than two parts have passed since the jump to the star, and therefore also since it began to knead the 380 million of dollars where your personal wealth is valued, but the truth is that songs and actress Jennifer Lopez he still feels the same attachment as always in the neighborhood that the person born 49 years ago, New York Bronx, and he is convinced that his character is always marked for all the experiences he experienced there at that time.

"It's like you're from Italy. You've spent the last few years Since the last time you were, still in Italian because it is always done in you. The same thing happens to me Bronx. As much as "I have traveled the world and although I now live in Los Angeles, I am and always a Bronx girl," she has argued in the conversation with the British edition of Grazia magazine.

Regardless of the strength and confidence traditionally projected at the stages of the entire planet and without forgetting it continues to be one of the stars most profitable and quoted by show the industry, interpreter of Puerto Rico origin Probably a short time ago.

"I feel he didn't do anything when he started to be completely comfortable and safe as I do and do what I do." I wish I had found this trust in myself much earlier, perhaps when I came to decades of the thirties, but the truth is that it has cost me a lot to reach the state of mind I have today ", if he has been sincere in the same interview to clarify, just below, his statements about strengthening self-confidence.

"Well, in fact, all this is still a project in progress, the whole sea says, but at least now I'm a person aware that there are no mistakes in my business, it's not a bargain d & # 39; état " "I like what I do, and I think I'm good at it," he added to the mother's pride Twins Max and Emme (10), fruit of their extinction marriage with the singer Marc Anthony.

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