Jimmy Kimmel says that Kanye West is a mirror for Trump

adminOctober 12, 2018

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Kanye West's visit to the White House on Thursday became an endless number of daggers for television presenters late at night. As Jimmy Kimmel put it, "Jokes are not written alone, or should I say, did Do not write until today, when Kanye West visited the White House.

At the televised meeting of the Oval Office, West spent 10 minutes discussing hydrogen-powered aircraft, his admiration for President Trump and what West said was the media's duty to cover the president in a positive way.

"It's like Trump is sitting in front of his own Twitter account and comes alive." JIMMY KIMMEL

Trevor Noah said that it seemed that the tables had changed, while watching West move through a carefree soliloquy and the president sat there listening, silent and almost speechless.

"I really enjoyed watching Kanye make Trump feel like Trump makes us feel every day." TREVOR NOAH

"This must have been so confusing for Donald Trump, because you realize that the only other black man he knows is Ben Carson." So now he says: "Blacks are the most quiet, sleepy, talkative and manic people who I know! " TREVOR NOAH

But at what price does humor come? Jimmy Fallon hinted that the president seemed more interested in the photographic opportunity than in addressing the effects of Hurricane Michael, which hit the Florida Panhandle this week.

"The president spent the day with Kanye West, and Kid Rock was also there. Meanwhile, people in Florida said "Do not worry, we'll just handle this hurricane." JIMMY FALLON

Meanwhile, others expressed concern about West's mental health. He stated during the Oval Office meeting that he had been "misdiagnosed" with bipolar disorder, but people close to him He told People magazine that he is not taking medication prescribed by a psychiatrist.

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