Jimmy Fallon took Bob Dylan to the circus: clock

adminNovember 23, 2018

Or did he?

While you were sleeping on the couch after dinner, or arguing with your uncles Ted about the rates, Jimmy Fallon spent a quiet Thanksgiving night with Bob Dylan. The rock titan joined Fallon for a special command performance of The Big Apple Circus on Thursday (November 22) Tonight show, with the two men involved in the fall and the trapeze, they work alone while sharing one or two of the delicious whiskey from Dylan's sky door.

The two do not really speak during the time, pointed to the melancholy piano composition "Lent Et Douloureauz" by the French composer Erik Satie. But they slowly drink their drinks and marvel at the aerialists, and in the end, Fallon gets up to applaud, looking around and saying, "Bob? Bob? Where's Bob?" When he realizes that his drinking friend has disappeared. "There is no one there," the master of ceremonies tells him. "There was never anyone there."

Look at the performance of the private circus below.

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